DualSense Edge, new PS5 controller, will go on sale in January and has a price revealed

Sony had already announced the arrival of an even more complete and customized version of the PS5 controller, the DualSense Edge, and now the company has brought new information about the accessory such as release date and price.

The DualSense Edge arrives as a kind of rival to the Xbox Elite Controller of the Microsoft console, and its main highlight is mainly having more options for buttons that can be customized so that the player feels more comfortable during gameplay.

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DualSense Edge controller will be focused on customization

DualSense Edge

The news was revealed in a post on the official Playstation blog, where Sony revealed more information about the DualSense Edge, including what will come in the kit after purchase. In addition, the company also gave more details about the news of the new PS5 controller.

Its main focus is, without a doubt, to guarantee greater customization of the buttons, so players can choose their priorities and enjoy their favorite games in a more comfortable way for their fingers. For this, it has extra buttons on the back that can be configured and you can also change the analog sticks.

With this, it is possible to replace these analogs completely in some situations, such as, for example, in cases of drift, where the control continues to send a movement message through the analog even with it stopped. That way you don’t have to change the entire controller.

DualSense Edge

Another novelty is the arrival of function buttons, which are on the lower front, a little below the analogs. These buttons help to change vibration profiles and also choose the actuation force of the buttons simply and quickly. It is also possible to use them to adjust the volume of the sound that comes out of the joystick through the accessory’s speaker and also from the headphones that are connected to the P2 port.

The new DualSense Edge also offers multi-level locks for the adaptive triggers, which causes the actuation point to be raised or lowered depending on the player’s choice. This type of performance can be important in games like racing, to control the speed of acceleration of vehicles or even in shooting games, as in the case of FPS.

The USB-C cable also gains a novelty, which is the braided finish, which guarantees greater resistance to use and manipulation, in addition to having a fixation lock on the control, to prevent sudden movements from causing an interruption in the connection.

Sony revealed what will come in the complete kit when you buy the controller, which includes a carrying case and extra analog sticks. The list is as follows:

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • braided USB cable
  • 2 standard covers
  • 2 tall rounded covers
  • 2 low rounded covers
  • 2 half-rounded back buttons
  • 2 lever-type rear buttons
  • connector compartment
  • carrying case

An interesting detail of the carrying case is that it has a compartment so that the controller can be recharged even inside, something that also happens with the Xbox Elite Controller. Just use the fitting that is on the whole of the case.

DualSense Edge

Although it doesn’t come with any charging dock (as with Microsoft’s), the DualSense Edge will be compatible with the traditional DualSense charging base, so those who already have this base can also use it for the new controller. For those who don’t have it, you’ll have to buy it separately, and its average price here in Brazil is around R$180.

price and availability

According to Sony’s official publication, the new DualSense Edge will be officially launched in the global market on January 26, 2023. The company also revealed what the value of the accessory will be in the United States, which will have a base price of US$ 199, 99. This converted amount, excluding taxes, amounts to approximately R$ 1,050.

It’s a pretty high price, for sure. Although the company has not confirmed the amount here in Brazil, it will certainly be above this converted amount, as taxes will still be accounted for. It’s also a value above the Xbox Elite Controller, though not that much higher. The Microsoft controller sells for US$ 179.99, which in direct conversion gives something around R$ 950.

Sony can justify this higher price because of its first-of-its-kind features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, but it’s still a hefty value.

There is still no certainty that Brazil will be one of the countries that will have the launch of the control on January 26, but everything suggests that it will, since the control is already listed on the company’s national website here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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