Emma Watson delivers strong bond with Tom Felton: We love each other in a special way – 10/19/2022

Apparently, Tom Felton didn’t even need to use Amortentia, a love potion, in Emma Watson because the actress already had a crush on him. Despite playing enemies on the big screen, the atmosphere behind the scenes of Harry Potter was different. That’s because, according to People, the eternal Hermione Granger has admitted a strong bond with Draco Malfoy’s interpreter. Wow!

Since releasing his autobiography, Beyond the Wand, last Tuesday, the 18th, Felton has been one of the most talked about topics on social media due to certain revelations. This time, the preface to the book, written by Emma, ​​caught the eye. In it, the actress details the relationship she had with her colleague at the time of the famous saga.

For over 20 years we have loved each other in a special way. I lost count of the times people said to me: You must have drunken make out at least once!, You must have kissed him!, There must be something! We are soulmates and we always support each other. I know we will continue [nos apoiando]. It thrills me to think about it, he began.

And continued:

Friendships are the backbone of human existence, and I am so grateful that at crucial moments in my life, Tom was there to reassure and understand me. The friendship we shared allowed me to go through some of the most challenging and profound moments of my life.

It is worth remembering that Tom also wrote his side about the supposed love story he lived with the artist.

I’ve always had a secret crush on Emma, ​​but probably not in the way people would like it to be. But that doesn’t mean there was never an atmosphere between us. That certainly happened, but at different times for each one. When I was 15 years old and she was 12 years old, rumors started that there was something between the two of us. I denied it, but that wasn’t the truth.


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