Ezra Miller goes to court on theft charge; here’s what happened!

Will you be arrested? Ezra Miller Appeared In Vermont Court And Here’s The Actor’s Statement

Remember when Ezra Miller accused of breaking into and stealing bottles of alcoholic beverages from an unoccupied house? In a courtroom in Vermont, United States, he pleaded not guilty. According to the Varietythe actor appeared virtually in Bennington Superior Court with his attorney, Lisa B. Shelkrot.

“Ezra Miller has pleaded not guilty to one count of burglary and one count of petty larceny in Vermont Superior Court and has accepted court-imposed conditions not to contact or enter the residents’ home. Ezra would like to thank them for their love and support. they received from their family and friends, who continue to be a vital presence in their mental health”.

Miller is accused of breaking into a home in Stamford, Vermont on May 1, 2022, while the owners were not present. Upon investigation, the police discovered that bottles of alcoholic beverages had disappeared.

After collecting testimonies and reviewing security camera footage, the police charged the actor with the crime of theft. Also according to the publication, if he is convicted, the penalty can range from 1 to 26 years in prison. Between March and April of this year, Miller was arrested twice in less than a month over a series of Hawaii riots. He is also accused of hanging a woman in Iceland and harassing another at her home in Germany.


Ezra Miller is one of the most cited names in 2022. The reason? Simple! The actor, once a prodigy and considered one of the most promising of his generation, got into several absurd controversies. Punches on neo-Nazis, a farm full of children and possibly the creation of a cult are just some of the controversies surrounding him. Want to know them all? read HERE the full story.



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