Fortaleza could be harmed if Castelão is banned due to confusion in Ceará game – Play

O Strength can also be harmed after occurrence in Arena Castelão, in the game between Ceará and Cuiabá, for the Brazilian Championship. One of the punishments called for by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) and the interdiction of the stadium due to lack of security for carrying out the games. If it materializes, the decision could directly affect the tricolor.

For Frederico Bandeira, vice-president of the Court of Sports Justice (TJDF-CE), the Attorney General’s request speaks of the sports square for all clubs, not just for a single team.

“When you ask for a sports plaza to be banned, it’s not just for a team. This ban also applies to any other team that comes to play there. It is informed, in the complaint, that that sports square does not offer security to hold a sporting event. In theory, yes, it would harm Fortaleza as well”, he highlighted.

For Bandeira, it is important that the Fortaleza also enters the case as a ‘interested third party’. “It is interesting, I see, that the Fortaleza team enters this situation as an interested third party and shows that, really, in their games there have never been situations like there were in Ceará’s. Arena can also enter as a third party interested in this process. So, in theory, yes, intervention is requested in a case like this, it is valid for any sporting event”, clarified the president of the TJD-CE.

Stronghold out of controversy

Fortaleza president Marcelo Paz said that Fortaleza should not be punished for something it did not do. For the Tricolor representative, common sense must prevail.

“If Arena Castelão is banned, it has to be for the club that caused the problem. It wasn’t Fortaleza. Fortaleza’s game had no problem at all. Fortaleza cannot be punished for something Fortaleza didn’t do,” said Paz .

“I believe in common sense, because everyone saw what happened. It wasn’t a failure of the equipment, there was a problem in the stadium, a fight, sometimes it happens. I’m not here judging anyone. The gates were opened for people to enter the field . It was not a jumping invasion. Clearly, security opened the gate, people entered the field to protect themselves and then the game ended. So, Castelão is not at fault, much less Fortaleza. I hope common sense is used “, finished.

Ceará punished

After a fight between fans in the stands, which culminated in the invasion of the Castelão Arena field, Sports Justice denounced Ceará in three articles of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice on Monday night (17). In addition, 429 seats were damaged.

The Prosecutor’s Office asked the Arena Castelão ban and, in addition, that the team’s games are behind closed doors and without the right to charge tickets in the duels as a visitor. Cuiabá repudiated the violence in the stadium.

Ceará was denounced in three articles of the Brazilian Sports Justice Code (211, 213 and 205), in addition to articles 19 and 20 of the CBF’s General Regulations for Competitions, where there is a chance of punishment both with field control losses from 1 to 10 matches and also points.

“It was a very heavy complaint. It put article 211 together with 213, combined the two. 205 that did not fit the situation at all. I understand until Ceará is punished by 213 and, in a very remote way, this possibility ( of interdiction of the stadium)”, explained Bandeira.

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