Globo is ordered to compensate Sidão for the Craque do Jogo award

Globo was ordered to pay R$30,000 to Sidão because of the embarrassment caused to the goalkeeper in the election of “Craque do Jogo” that takes place after the Brasileirão matches. In 2019, the athlete defended Vasco, failed in a defeat to Santos and was the victim of an internet movement to be chosen the highlight of the confrontation. Following the protocol of the framework, the broadcaster made the delivery of the trophy to the player, visibly depressed by the situation.

In its decision, which the UOL Esporte had access, judge Antonio Conehero Júnior stated that, even without having the power to prevent the public’s decision, Globo “had all the means to prevent the public humiliation to which the author was exposed with the delivery of the ironic trophy”.

“Nothing prevented the reverse [Globo] to announce the result of the poll with the fans. It would be fulfilling its duty to inform. But the defendant went further, and handed over the trophy, incurring an evident abusive exercise of rights, being unreasonable to maintain that the author – who was working, and not having fun with friends at a football match – should receive the fact with good humor. “, says another passage.

Sidão asked for compensation for moral damages in the amount of R$ 1 million, but the judge set the amount at R$ 30 thousand. The court decision alleges that the amount paid “cannot be a source of unjustified enrichment for the victim [Sidão]nor will it be inexpressive, incapable of achieving its purpose, which is to repay the harm caused.” Grupo Globo will also have to bear the costs and procedural expenses.

The São Paulo Court of Justice sentenced Globo in the first instance and, therefore, it is possible to appeal. O UOL contacted the station’s press office to talk about the process. The communications team stated that the company does not comment on “sub judice cases”. The player’s legal and press advisors were also sought, but have not expressed themselves so far. The article will be updated if the parties comment.

After the episode with Sidão, Globo changed the format of the Craque do Jogo election. Since then, the broadcast commentators, usually a pair, have voted, with a weight of 1 for each. The internet decision has the same value and, at the end of the sum, the highlight of the round is defined. In the event of a tie between two players, the narrator casts a mining vote.

“While recognizing the public’s opinion, the change in format aims to reward players who had an outstanding performance in each match”, said Globo at the time, in an article published on its website. “Grupo Globo takes the opportunity to apologize to Sidão for the situation of embarrassment at the end of the game at Pacaembu. The goalkeeper is a high-level professional in Brazilian football who was in his work environment after a difficult journey. trophy was not suitable at the time and we are grateful for Sidão’s education at the time of tension”.

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