Glove de Pedreiro takes ‘old man from Havan’ to the Ballon d’Or in a R$14,000 suit – 10/18/2022

Wearing the green of the Brazilian flag, influencer Iran Ferreira, better known as Luva de Pedreiro, was present at the Golden Ball 2022, held on the night of this Monday (17) in Paris, France.

On his official profile on Twitter, a publication highlighted his pride in being the first Brazilian influencer in history to participate in the award given by France Football magazine.

“Thanks to God father”, he wrote on the bird’s social network, captioning the photo in which he appears with a shirt of the Brazilian football team.

At the Parisian awards, in a much more social way, Luva appeared in a shimmering green suit on the red carpet. The black lapels stood out, as did the watch she wore on her wrist. On social media, the look used by the influencer generated engagement.

Which is usual when his name comes up.

“The same green suit as Havan’s old man,” wrote one user referring to Luciano Hang, entrepreneur and owner of Havan, one of the largest department store chains in Brazil.

The choice for the green color also stood out. Among the comments, there are those who insinuated support for reelection candidate Jair Bolsonaro. This possibility was denied by footballer Miraildes Maciel Mota, better known as Formiga, in a comment on the video published by Luva, recorded in the Bola de Ouro, through Instagram:

“Green, people, has nothing to do with politics. To make it clear here. Only he knows why, this is our joke,” she wrote in the post.

Politics aside, the color green would have been chosen, without partisan reasons, to represent Brazil, a country that has earned him 18 million followers — and fans — on Instagram, since it broke out on social media.

“This shade was chosen solely and exclusively because he likes [de verde] and to represent Brazil”, communicated the advice of the Camargo Alfaiataria brand, responsible for the production of the piece, in a statement to Our.

Mason's Glove at the Ballon d'Or award in Paris, France - Reproduction/Twitter - Reproduction/Twitter

Mason’s Glove at the Ballon d’Or award in Paris, France

Image: Playback/Twitter

The label stated that the suit was made especially for the influencer. João Camargo, tailor and founder of the brand, “made a tailored suit to take advantage of his body type”.

The value? Estimated at R$ 14,200, if offered for sale or if someone is interested in reproducing it to have in their wardrobe.

Such a fortunate price is customary for the brand. If you type “Camargo Alfaiataria” in Google, for example, the first suggestion offered by the search platform is the question: “How much does a Camargo Alfaiataria suit cost?”.

The outstanding answer, provided by the website “” is: “in Camargo Alfaiataria, you can buy the wedding suit from R$ 3 thousand to R$ 103 thousand”.

The store headquartered in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, in the luxurious South Zone of São Paulo, was founded by João Camargo. On Instagram, the tailor poses alongside “big stars”, such as actors Luciano Szafir and Marcos Pasquim, journalists Carlos Tramontina and Evaristo Costa and musicians MC Guimé and Carlinhos Brown.

Actor Paulo Gustavo also appears wearing his pieces in a publication, which says goodbye to him after his death in May 2021.

About the idealization of the look for Glova de Pedreiro, João Camargo says to Our: “The coolest thing was to give the tips on how he should behave with the costume to maintain elegance. He was ‘stoked’ and did it right”.

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