Here’s how to browse anonymously on WhatsApp

You have probably faced a situation involving charges for responses on WhatsApp. Even if they are not so urgent, some people are desperate for the return, if they have seen the ”Online” under their name.

Unfortunately, these unpleasant situations often happen, but they are close to the end, because soon everyone will be able to deactivate this status quickly, with a simple step by step.

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Protecting your privacy

When the platform allowed the ”Last Seen” notification to be hidden, many cheered. This happened due to the advantages of not having to justify yourself after spending hours in the app or simply not answering some questions. Even if it is in the professional environment, this type of monitoring could become abusive in several ways.

More autonomy for the digital citizen

The term ”digital citizen” gained popularity with the new rules involving the use of data on the internet, describing the person endowed with rights and duties in the virtual environment. In this case, organizations need to commit to creating privacy mechanisms, guaranteeing people autonomy to deal with their own information, prioritizing the well-being of each one. This includes the possibility to make certain records visible or not, as is the case with WhatsApp activities.

How to disable WhatsApp “Online”

1st Step: First, access the ”Settings” menu of the Whatsappclicking on ”Account”.

2nd Step: now select ”Privacy”.

3rd Step: choose the option of ”Last Seen and Online”.

4th Step: decide who will be able to view the ”Last Seen” status by choosing one of the options: ”My Contacts”, ”My Contacts except…” or ”Nobody”.

5th Step: finally, define those who will be able to see you ”Online”, choosing ”All” or the same option selected in ”Last seen”.

If you still can’t find this update on your WhatsApp, check if there is any pending improvement and compare your iOS or Android OS version. Otherwise, wait until they are all enabled, as some updates tend to be gradual.

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