“I envied Paris Hilton because I grew up smart, not pretty,” says Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle reveals that she envied Paris Hilton before having the opportunity to host the socialite on her podcast, Archetypes!

Meghan Marklewho currently hosts the podcast archetypestold the magazine Variety that the most challenging interview he has conducted so far has been with none other than Paris Hilton. And that the reason will be a pre-judgment that he made for a long time of the socialite.

“I was embarrassed to admit it, but I had a judgment about her based on everything I saw, and I don’t like to judge.,” Markle told the magazine.

But I didn’t grow up pretty either.”

the reporter from Variety asked the actress from suits to clarify what she meant by the statement.

“I grew up the smart one. A lot of what I ended up thinking, when I thought of Paris Hilton in the case, was envy and judgment – ​​two of the most dangerous things.”explained Markle. “But then you hear about her trauma and her life and how she ended up buying into that personality.”

Paris Hilton transformed from reality TV star Simple Life in a woman advocating change against sexual abuse because of what she faced at Provo Canyon School in Utah as a teenager.

Meghan Markle also spoke about the possibility of returning to acting. “No, I closed. I don’t think we can ever say never, but my intention is absolutely not to return to acting.”

However, the actress is not aggressive with the possibility of, in fact, being presented by someone else on the big screen in the future.

“Anyone who talks about me or gets cast to play me is doing a caricature for a business that was created that makes people money,” he said. When you can discern that, it becomes easier. ‘Okay, this has nothing to do with me’. Genuine is not. It’s a hard lesson you have to understand.”



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