Installments of R$ 100.00 for one year for STUDENTS; check the requirements

Auxilio Brasil appears in 2021 to serve low-income Brazilian families in poverty or extreme poverty, that is, who have a per capita income between R$105 and R$210. In addition, the benefit came to replace the until then Bolsa Família, and has a monthly amount of R$ 400. Also, until December of this year, the government is offering a bonus of R$ 200, accounting for the payment of R$ 600 to the beneficiaries. Auxilio Brasil also covers other social assistance, such as scholarships for students

Check below which students can participate in the bonus.

Find out which students are entitled to receive. Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Government offers monthly scholarship of R$ 100 for students

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) is providing scholarships for economically vulnerable students who participate in academic competitions. In this way, the objective of the program is to identify outstanding students from families receiving Auxilio Brasil. Students will then be able to receive a junior scientific initiation scholarship. To participate, students must be in elementary or high school and have participated in MCTI-sponsored school and academic competitions. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must win gold, silver, bronze medals and honorable mentions. The competitions eligible for the program are those that will take place between January and December of the next year.

Students who win the scholarship will receive 12 installments of R$100 for their performance and to influence their studies. Furthermore, the families of these students will also receive a single installment of R$1,000, totaling a total benefit of R$2,200. The payment of the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship is the responsibility of CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development). Thus, the scholarships will be divided between the school segments, with 50% of the scholarships dedicated to high school and the other 50% to elementary school.

In addition, event organizers must send the award results to the Ministry of Citizenship so that it is possible to identify whether the winning children and adolescents have their names registered in the Single Registry. In cases where there are no beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation will be responsible for dividing the grants among other competitions following the criteria of order in which the information is sent from the competing institutions.

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Learn more about Auxílio Brasil

Auxilio Brasil aims to integrate several public social assistance policies into the same program, in order to meet the health, education, employment and income needs of Brazilian families in a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability. Thus, those who are entitled to receive are families in poverty and extreme poverty who receive payment through Digital Social Savings, Current Deposit Account, Special Account of Demand Deposit or Accounting Account. Also, Auxilio Brasil also adds some other benefits, such as:

Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship;

School Sports Allowance;

Rural Productive Inclusion Aid;

Urban Productive Inclusion Assistance;

Transition Compensatory Benefit;

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