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There are not a few users who didn’t really like one of the new features of iOS 16, which makes a Warning appear in the middle of the screen every time we move from one app to another with something memorized on the clipboard.

This annoying and insistent warning always reappears, and it gets worse when we tap on the “Do Not Allow Copy“, because right there he repeats even more while we are in the application.

Even with the 16.0.2 update in which Apple promised to solve this “bug”, these warnings continue to be annoying, especially when choosing “Don’t Allow Paste“, because in that case he will insist several times until you accept.

but not iOS 16.1 this will definitely end, with the introduction of an option in Settings, where the user can choose to disable the warning once and for all within the application.

how will it work

In the settings of each app, the user can decide whether the paste warning from another app appears or not each time it is used.

It is possible to choose between To allow ever, To deny always or else To ask whenever you need.

Little problems

Despite being a feature that should have been present from the beginning, it still seems incomplete.

The user needs to enter the settings of each app individually in the Settings, to mark how you want it to behave in these cases. There is no way to already do this in the notice itself.

There is no way you can configure it at once for several. And that’s pretty boring.

Another point: the option in Settings only appears after the app has already presented the warning. So it’s no use wanting to anticipate it, as you’ll have to put up with it for a while in each app.

Anyway, this feature appeared in the iOS 16.1 beta and we still have some time to see if Apple improves these points.

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