IZA reveals she gave Viola Davis an unusual gift; Look!

IZA was present at “Who Can, Can” this Tuesday (18). On the podcast, the singer commented with Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank about your meeting with Viola Davis, when she passed through Brazil. On the occasion, the singer was at the dinner made by Tais Araújo for the American actress.

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IZA reveals she gave Viola Davis an unusual gift;  Look!
The singer commented that she was called at the last minute for the event and had to improvise. (Photo: YouTube/GIOH Official)


In the interview, IZA started the subject joking about friendship with Tais Araujowho invited her to the event. I’ve never been so grateful in my life to be her friend. Having her phone number on WhatsApp is already a difficult thing to digest.”joked.

Then, the singer explained that the meeting took place during a dinner organized at the house of the actress and her husband, Lázaro Ramos. “She said she was going to have this dinner and thatit would be a super small thing because she [Viola] was on this disclosure agenda and I was walking all over Rio de Janeiro. And she even asked to confirm if I was going.”remembered.

IZA He also told how the first meeting between the two was. “What a beautiful woman. She means a lot to me, I’ve been a fan of Viola Davis for a long time, I love all the series and movies. And she is very polite. What a beautiful woman, a chic woman, all fragrant and organized”commented.

“I spoke to her as soon as I arrived and there I was, Icarus [ Silva]dandara [Mariana] everything in the corner looking at her looking, poking herself like this: ‘damn man, how crazy, how nervous’“, he joked.

At the end of the meeting, the guests gave some gifts to Viola Davis. However, as IZA was called at the last minute, she had to improvise and took something unusual she had in her house. “I got something from home that I really like, which is cachaça. I gave Viola cachaça!had fun confessing.

The singer had fun telling how she explained the gift to the actress. “I said I had lemon, honey, go on the plane… and she said: ‘hey, I’m not even going to share it with my husband’. And I said: ‘that’s it! Go on faith’remembered.

“It was really funny, people saying, ‘This is a book, this is something the nuns did and I don’t know what.’ And I said: ‘Viola, this is the animal!’“, he joked.

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