learn how to check check a missed call without looking at your cell phone

You are certainly one of the users who receives many phone calls daily, however, because you are at home office or for any other external reason, sometimes you cannot answer all of them because you were doing other activities at home.

Would you like to know when someone tried to call you just by lifting their smartphone? This is perfectly possible on any Android smartphone. Namely: you won’t turn on your cell phone screen, let alone unlock it to see notifications and know if you’ve been called.

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Doing a digital detox would allow you to move away from the chronic stress caused by hyperconnection and become more serene. Far from being an easy challenge, in fact, digital detox or digital detox consists of getting rid of screens for a certain time, focusing more on productive activities. By doing this you will probably want to check your cell phone calls less and less.

You won’t turn on your Android phone’s screen, let alone unlock it to see notifications and know if you’ve received calls, this is something that takes a lot of time and the goal is to shorten the steps. Find out if they’ve already tried to communicate with you.

For that, however, you will only have to turn off the equipment and if a vibration is emitted, it means that you have one or more missed calls. Very useful when you manage two cell phones: personal and professional. First of all, go to your Android phone’s “Settings” to find it with a cog or gear icon.

Now find and click on the “Advanced Features” section. Attention: The name of this section may vary depending on the device brand and model. The next step is to click on the “Movements and gestures” option. Several switches will appear. In order to finish, press the one that says “Alert when answering phone”. In the description, it actually states that the phone will vibrate when you answer it after missing a call or text message.

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A feature that lets you switch off your cell phone for a bit

Firstly, if the digital detox trend is increasingly popular, it is because digital is taking up more and more space in the lives of Brazilians, who spend an average of 4h22 a day in front of screens (excluding work), according to a survey conducted by the BVA Group, experts in behavior.

To wit: nearly two-thirds of Brazilians now admit to being dependent on their connected tools and one-third fully dependent, causing a feeling of lack. However, in effect these devices should not be demonized, but rather used more responsibly and benevolently.

In conclusion, therefore, at a time when smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers and connected watches are ubiquitous in our daily lives, how to do a digital detox? And what do we gain by letting them go for a while? The tip of knowing about missed calls without touching the device is a start.

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