Makeup and Halloween Costume: Photos of celebrities to inspire on Halloween

There is little time for the halloween! the commemoration of October 31st, also known as Halloween, is traditional in North American culture, but is gaining more and more followers in Brazil. At the famous Worlddifferent costumes and makeup have already emerged with the theme this year.

In the article below and also in the gallery above, Purepeople brings more than 30 photos to inspire your celebration. It has a look for those who want a more glam and elaborate look – as Sabrina Sato did when dressing up as a spider – and also for those looking for something more relaxed.

How about diving into movie characters and personalities to choose your Halloween costume?

A sure tip to look for references is the movie universe – it can be a character or even a personality you identify with. Sandy, for example, appeared as Sally, from the movie ‘The Strange World of Jack’, animated by Tim Burton.

Another very popular costume is the Black Swan costume, inspired by the character Nina Sayer (Natalie Portman). With elements from the ballet world and a crown, your look is ready.

Marilyn Monroe is a bet that should appear a lot at Halloween parties this year, especially due to the release of “Blonde”, a Netflix production with Ana de Armas that made the Hollywood icon one of the most talked about subjects in 2022. Rafa Kalimann appeared like the Halloween prom actress wearing a look inspired by Marilyn’s pink long gown from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

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