Mulher Rei surpasses the mark of 1 million tickets sold in Brazil

The war drama A Mulher Rei is one of the rare original features, not linked to any franchise, to surpass this mark at the Brazilian box office.

In its fourth week in theaters, the film sold 117 thousand tickets and collected BRL 2.38 million. all in all, The King Woman it has BRL 19.9 million at the box office and 1.06 million tickets sold.

It is particularly rare, even more so after the pandemic, to see an “original” movie (or, in this case, based on real events), without the help of being linked to some franchise or powerful brand, sell more than 1 million tickets in the country. . But the case of The King Woman it’s even more special compared to other similar features from the last few years that also got there. Almost all of them had the help of some advantage that the long starring Viola Davis lacks.

The King Womanafter all, is not based on iconic comic book characters such as joker. It is not a horror, a genre that is much easier to attract the public to watch an original feature, not linked to anything, see the successes of a silent place, the black phone and the recent Smile (which, with nearly 800,000 tickets, will get there in the next few weeks).

It is also not based on the life of a famous musician, as Elvis or Bohemian Rhapsody. It doesn’t have in its soundtrack songs performed by a pop artist, like Lady Gaga in A Star is Born. Nor is it based on some literary classic, as Murder on the Orient Express.

A Mulher Rei is a box office success in Brazil

The King Woman also doesn’t have the star power as long as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie and director Quentin Tarantino), Top Gun: Maverick (Tom Cruise) or Gravity (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney), although the performances of Davis, Lashana Lynch and John Boyega were highly praised by critics.

Finally, The King Woman premiered in September, that is, a few months before the official start of the awards season. O buzz of being some of the main competitors in the next editions of the Oscars has benefited the box office of features such as 1917 (1.23 million tickets sold), Parasite (943 thousand), The Shape of Water (832 thousand), among others.

Despite that, The King Woman won an excellent box office, higher than some of the features mentioned in this text. Without the help of major awards or franchises, the film relied solely on word of mouth from audiences and critics, who said it was worth seeing in theaters for its inspiring story.

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