No iPhone! Apple’s first foldable should be an iPad

Many rumors and bets point to an ever-closer arrival of Apple’s first foldable iPhone. However, it seems that the company should make its debut in the world of foldables with an iPad.

CSS Insight analysts talked a little about this projection and the possibility of the company launching a tablet with a flexible screen before an iPhone with this feature, and still say that this step will be a high risk.

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iPad with folding screen

According to Ben Wood, during an interview with CNBC, they believe that it currently doesn’t make much sense for Apple to go out of its way with iPhones to reveal a smartphone with a foldable screen. The company will probably shy away from this option a little and instead of the iPhone should first present an iPad model with a flexible screen, where they can be more cautious.

There are some basic reasons for this kind of thinking. One of them is in relation to the price of iPhones, and it may be one of the main reasons. Apple knows that to produce a smartphone with a foldable screen, it takes a much greater investment, which would end up resulting in more expensive devices.

This isn’t just a prediction, it was something that actually happened to Samsung when the company entered the business. The phones of the Z Flip and Z Fold lines were sold for much higher prices than the devices that were equivalent, but with a rigid screen and not flexible. It was only with the passing of generations that the company began to balance these values, and with that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Flip 4 had their prices more similar to the models of the Galaxy S line.

For now, the idea of ​​the foldable iPad is still a rumor, since there is nothing officially confirmed by the company, but it is expected that it will come to revolutionize the tablet market, both to leverage this market for the company and to offer more options. modern and differentiated in relation to great rivals such as Samsung itself with its Galaxy Tab S line.

That might not happen anytime soon.

iPad with folding screen

While Apple does seem to be heading towards this type of market, it’s not something that’s going to happen this year or next. Some information provided by Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) revealed that this should only happen in the year 2025, that is, it still has more than two years to go before the foldable iPad hits the market.

This suggests that Apple is not in a hurry in this regard, probably the company is more focused on introducing new devices already known. Remembering that the iPad could be the first device with these characteristics, but Apple can still present both smartphones and even notebooks with a folding screen.

When that happens, if it really follows this expected pace, it won’t be so much new, since there are currently some devices of the type on the market, both smartphones and notebooks, as is the case with ASUS and Lenovo and their new models.

What is also expected is that these first devices with Apple’s flexible screen will come with a new display technology, Electronic Display Paper, which in English has the acronym EPD. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this type of technology will be more common in the future as it offers great energy efficiency compared to current solutions.

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