North Korea fires artillery shells to send ‘serious warning’ to South Korea | World

North Korea fired artillery shells into its east and west coasts on Tuesday as a “serious warning” to South Korea, which carried out military defense exercises on the same morning.

Annually, Seoul conducts defense exercises aimed at increasing its ability to respond to Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile threats. The recent activities, which are expected to end on Saturday, follow a series of military exercises by South Korea in recent weeks, including joint activities with the United States and Japan.

The General Staff of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) said that “the South’s war exercise against the North is going on in a frenetic way”.

“In order to send a serious warning once more, [o Estado] ensured that KPA units on the eastern and western fronts conducted a threatening warning fire towards the eastern and western seas on the night of October 18, as a powerful military countermeasure,” North Korean officials said in a statement carried by the media. state KCNA.

“Enemies must immediately stop reckless and inciting provocations that increase military tension in the vanguard area,” they said.

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