Pezzolano closes the analysis of the Cruzeiro squad: ‘Nothing else to evaluate’

Paulo Pezzolano during Cruzeiro's defeat to Guarani
photo: Ramon Lisboa/EM/DA Press

Paulo Pezzolano during Cruzeiro’s defeat to Guarani

Cruzeiro works internally and consults the market to anticipate the assembly of the squad for next year’s Serie A. In this process, the club analyzed the champions of the Second Division. And, according to coach Paulo Pezzolano, his part of the evaluation of the current squad is complete.

“I have nothing to evaluate. I see them every day, I watch training, I watch games. Some played less, but I have them every day with me. The only thing I can say is that, stay or not, I’m proud of the players I had this year”, pointed out the Uruguayan, in an interview after Cruzeiro’s 1-0 defeat to Guarani this Tuesday (10/18), in Mineiro, for the 36th round of Serie B.

“This is one of the most difficult decisions: when you get everything you had to get and some players have to leave. It’s the hardest for a coach, because here a working team and a team with the players were formed, that’s why we got the what we’ve achieved”, continued Pezzolano, who wants to lead the team in 2023.

“These are very difficult decisions that we have to make, but I am very happy with all the players I’ve had. I grew up with all of them. I had the opportunity to speak face to face with almost everyone. I don’t know if everyone, but with almost everyone I said something. And they’re amazing people and professionals. So I don’t have anything else to evaluate, but the only thing I want to try is to put players in certain games and win them,” he continued.

The final stretch of Serie B

Srie B champions, Cruzeiro still have two games to play in the year. On the 27th (Thursday), at 7:00 pm, he visits Novorizontino in Novo Horizonte, in the interior of So Paulo, for the 37th round. Then, on November 6 (Sunday), from 18:30, he receives the CSA in the ‘jogo da taa’.

At l, Pezzolano wants to give players more opportunities. Against Novorizontino, for example, reserve goalkeeper Gabriel Mesquita should debut in Serie B, as holder Rafael Cabral will have to serve a suspension for accumulating three yellow cards.

“I’ll be happy because the only player left to play will play, Gabriel Mesquita, because Rafael Cabral has three yellow cards. I’m happy because everyone had opportunities on the field. It’s not easy. I was a player, and you want to have the opportunity field. I think everyone had opportunities on the field – some less, some more, but they did,” he said.

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