Raniel, from Vasco, is the target of offenses by Sport’s fans in the networks: “You will die in cracolândia” | football

Raniel entered the Sport x Vasco break in Nenê’s place and did not expect the plot that would be destined for him: before his feet, he would have the ball of the game. Penalty kick in the corner, displacing Saulo, and explosion. It was Cruzmaltino’s draw, which until then had done nothing in the duel to avoid defeat. After the goal, provocation in front of the rival crowd, putting the hands to the ear.

Raniel’s celebration towards the Sport fans — Photo: Aldo Carneiro/Pernambuco Press

A response to the cursing of red-black fans on Ilha do Retiro, explained the player. The atmosphere of hostility, however, extended beyond the field, invaded by fans, going to social networks, with offenses to the striker of Vasco – some unpublishable, even.

“Marginal, bandit, fucked up without father or mother” are just some of the hostile messages from part of Sport’s fans directed at the player.

Offenses by Sport fans to Raniel on social media — Photo: Reproduction

Most of them, however, touched on one subject: the problem of chemical dependence and alcoholism faced recently.

“You will die in cracolândia”, wrote another red-black profile on Twitter.

In a strong interview with “The Players Tribune” at the beginning of the year, the Vasco striker listed a series of personal problems throughout his career: cocaine use at 17, when he played for Santa Cruz, Sport’s rival, and consumption of other illicit drugs. Raniel even became a drug dealer in Recife.

Firefighter couple remember moments of tension in the Sport x Vasco game

Firefighter couple remember moments of tension in the Sport x Vasco game

+ Raniel reveals relapse with alcohol after his son’s accident and remembers mishaps before arriving at Vasco: “I even sold drugs”

Still small, Vasco’s number 9 also had to bow to difficulties. He lost his father and was handed over by his mother, unable to raise him, to a neighbor. Dione, foster mother, died when Raniel was seven years old.

Offenses by Sport fans against Raniel – Photo: Reproduction

Offenses by part of Sport fans to Raniel, Vasco striker and ex-Santa Cruz – Photo: Reproduction

Offenses by Sport fans to Raniel — Photo: Reproduction

The ge report tried to contact the Recife player, but the carioca club vetoed further interviews on the subject.

Broken gate, thrown stone and assault on firefighters

Firefighter frame attacked Sport Vasco — Photo: Reproduction TV Globo

Sport beat Vasco 1-0 at Ilha do Retiro until a penalty was awarded to the Cariocas, after VAR intervention, successfully converted by Raniel to tie the score at 1-1, in the 49th minute of the second half. The player celebrated in front of the grandstand at the headquarters, a sector where Sport’s organized members usually stay – on the score sheet, Raphael Claus registered a red card for the Vasco player.

After the provocation, objects were thrown towards the players of the Rio team, who quickly ran to the changing rooms when part of the crowd managed to break down one of the access gates of the stands to the field. With kicks and punches, two firefighters were attacked by a fan during the confusion.

STJD — Photo: Disclosure/STJD

As a result of the acts of vandalism and violence, the Attorney of the Superior Court of Sports Justice filed a request for an injunction and preventive suspension against Sport for the field invasions. The game, for example, ended in a 1-1 draw, ending early, after almost an hour of stoppage to circumvent the riot.

+ Fan assisted by assaulted firefighter remembers suffocation on the island: “No words to thank”

The red-black club was denounced in three articles of the Brazilian Sports Justice Code (articles 205, 211 and 213) and also in articles 19 and 20 of the CBF’s General Regulations for Competitions, and may be punished with loss of field control ( from one to ten matches), fine and also points.

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