‘Rental Wife’ tops Netflix worldwide rankings

Caio Castro and Thati Lopes are the protagonists of

Caio Castro and Thati Lopes are the protagonists of “Esposa de Aluguel”. (Photo: Publicity/Netflix)

the comedy “rental wife” premiered on October 11 and was Netflix’s most-watched non-English-language film for the past week. Caio Castro and Thati Lopes as protagonists, the feature entered the top 10 of the most watched in 68 countries.

According to data released by the streaming platform itself, the Brazilian film overcame language barriers and accumulated 27.3 million hours watched between October 10th and 16th. Also considering the sum of hours of English-language films, “House for Rent” was surpassed in the global rankings only by “The Very Lucky Girl”, a thriller starring Mila Kunis, which accumulated 57 million hours.

In addition, “Esposa de Aluguel” also had the best performance of a non-English language film in its first seven days of release since “Porto Seguro” (2022), which reached 28.9 million hours in the week of 21 to 2022. March, 27 th.

The Brazilian comedy became an international success, hitting Canada, Sweden, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Turkey, Jamaica, Denmark, Greece, Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

“Esposa de Aluguel” revolves around Luiz (Caio Castro), a 30-year-old man who has never been able to have lasting relationships. When his controlling mother discovers he is terminally ill, she chooses as her last wish for her son to finally marry. To secure his share of the inheritance, he opens his wallet and hires an actress to pretend he’s dating.

The cast also includes Danielle Winits, Polliana Aleixo, Patricya Travassos, Thamiris Mandú, Mariana Xavier, Bruna Louise, Fafá Rennó, Arthur Kohl and Danilo de Moura.

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