Russia finds 40% of chips it receives from China are defective, report says

According to a report published this week, Russia found that 40% of the chips you receive from China have some type of manufacturing defect. Sources working at the Kremlin report that this represents a 1,900% increase in the failure rate.

A pro-Putin newspaper even reported that the percentage of defect was only 2% before the country invaded Ukraine, something that has worsened a lot in recent months.

The Russian government claims that this high failure rate is directly related to the trade blockade carried out by the Western coalition. As a result, the country is now forced to buy chips only from China and from manufacturers that are not as experienced in assembling semiconductors.

Despite commercial use, many of these chips are also used for drones and other military equipment. Therefore, this high failure rate is something that could limit Russia’s ability to invade Ukrainian territory, something that is celebrated by the West.

This inability to source reliable chips may be forcing Russia to to use components removed from washing machines and other household equipment in their main battle tanks.

On the other hand, as much as China has not declared open support for Putin’s war, the country has become Moscow’s biggest de facto ally. This has benefited Chinese companies that produce everything from smartphones to cars.

The most recent consequence of this Chinese support was a new US sanction that vetoed the export of chip-making equipment. The intention is to stifle the capacity of Chinese manufacturers.

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