Samsung is developing a smart ring that could be released soon

Smart devices are gaining more and more prominence in the market, which is why large manufacturers are already following the path to offer diverse options to their consumers. This is the case of Samsung, which, according to information from Korean portals, has already started to develop a smart ring.

The company, which is already well known for its smart watch and has already launched the Galaxy Watch 5 version of the device this year, may also offer a more delicate option for those who want to manage their health status.

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Samsung’s smart ring already has a patent registered

smart ring

This information from Korea suggests that the ring is already under development, further stating that some patents related to it have even been filed. There isn’t exactly much secret about how a smart ring works, as it’s pretty similar to what you see on smart watches.

Thus, one of the main focuses is to measure biological levels of the user so that he has health and well-being functions. That is, it will also have sensors to measure some parameters such as heart rate and even keep the data updated during physical activities.

Of course, it will be a simpler operation since it is a smaller device and does not have any kind of screen, but everything can be seen by the smartphone. Despite this, its more compact size and even its location on the body can bring advantages.

The first is that as it doesn’t have a screen, its battery, even being smaller, will last longer, so it’s very likely that it can last for weeks without needing to be recharged, with continuous use. Some smart watches cannot last more than a few days, less than a week.

Other companies that already work with this type of device, such as Oura, which already has the Oura Ring 3. According to her, the location of the ring helps with even more precise measurements, since the sensors on the finger are closer to arteries than the wristwatches.

In addition, of course, to being more subtle to use, which can be an aesthetic choice, safer and even more comfortable. It is also good news for those who practice high-performance sports, as they end up being more imperceptible. Even the Brazilian soccer team uses smart rings to help prepare for the World Cup games this year.

When will it be launched?

smart ring

For now, it is still not possible to have any official confirmation about the development or launch of the smart ring, as Samsung has not made any kind of announcement. The company has already filed a main patent that has to do with the ring with an American agency called the USPTO. This relative shows a device that has sensors to measure heart rate and rhythm, in addition to offering an electrocardiogram. In the patent also shows that the device will be able to control other smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and TVs.

Market analysts have already revealed that these types of more compact smart devices, mostly ring-shaped, will become more and more popular in the coming years. And if Samsung really starts to go down that path, it could end up influencing many other manufacturers to do the same.

Source: SamMobile

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