Sport x Vasco: audio shows that VAR changed its mind before recommending a penalty | Brazilian series b

The CBF Arbitration Commission released the analysis of the video referee on Alex Teixeira’s penalty, which led to Vasco’s goal in a 1-1 draw with Sport.

See the VAR analysis for Sport 1 x 1 Vasco, for the Brasileirão Serie B

See the VAR analysis for Sport 1 x 1 Vasco, for the Brasileirão Serie B

At first, VAR understands that Alex Teixeira bent his legs before contacting goalkeeper Saulo. Then, after a new image, the video referee changes his mind and suggests the review of the bid to referee Rafael Claus.

+ Video shows aggression from Sport’s goalkeeper to Vasco’s masseuse

– He (Alex Teixeira) already bends his leg. When he arrives, he touches the ball, but he is clearly already bending his leg in order to simulate the penalty. He is already bending his leg – says the video referee, Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral, to then change his mind, when alerted by assistant Hernani Brumel Vani. .

– Hold that first I need to see if there is contact with the goalkeeper’s hand before… He has the contact of the hand… The attacker touches the ball. Then he has a penalty. The attacker gets to the ball first. Then he touches the ball. (Raphael) Claus, at the time of the dispute, the attacker touches the ball, and then the goalkeeper touches his foot with his hand. I recommend a review of possible penalty – analyzed Rodrigo Guarizo.

Sport players question Raphael Claus after scoring a penalty for Vasco — Photo: Aldo Carneiro/Pernambuco Press

With the recommendation, Raphael Claus went to the monitor and scored a penalty. At Central do Apito, referee commentator Paulo César de Oliveira also did not find a penalty at first, but changed his mind after seeing another image and agreed with the referee’s final decision.

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