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This week Apple launched new iPads, without having to do any special events. The most basic line got a new (old) design and the Pro models received a processor upgrade.


However, the choices made by Apple, especially in the base model, are being the subject of much criticism from those who follow these releases, and several experts are pointing out inconsistencies and confusing points across the entire line of Apple tablets.

So I’ll summarize in this article what they’re saying, with hints of what I also found. Then after you read and analyze it, you can also leave your opinion down below in the comments.


The most basic model of the iPad

I’ve always been a big critic of most basic version of the iPad. That’s because she always seemed like a stop-gapor an excuse to make a cheaper version available while the other models skyrocketed in price.

From the beginning it was a version that uses the design of some other old model, with an old processor. But why would I want to buy an iPad that, when you take it out of the box, already looks old?

Especially the iPad, which is a device that was not made to be changed from year to year.

On the contrary: whoever has it usually stays with it until it starts to crash and no longer supports new applications. I, for one, keep trying to make the most of my iPad Air 2 warrior of 8 years.

So the biggest reason to opt for a basic iPad is the your price. After all, in times when the cheapest iPad Air costs R$7,000, paying R$3,900 for a simpler model, but still good, is what is possible for many.

The problem is that now Apple messed with that too.

Price is no longer an advantage

As we saw in this other article, the lowest price of the new base iPad increased by more than 30% in Brazil. In the US, this increase was even greater, 36%.

iPad 10th generation

And add to that the new keyboard that Apple tries to convince us that we really need it (R$ 2,599). Oh, if you want an Apple Pencil (and of course you will, as I do), you will also have to pay another R$ 1,135.00.

Do you already have an old Apple Pencil? Well, the problem is that it has a connector Lightningand the new iPad 10 is USB-C. Then you will have to buy an adapter (R$99) to be able to recharge the pen at the exit of the tablet.

the question that Monica Chin of The Verge is also valid for us in Brazil: if the price of having a basic iPad is no longer so affordable, why choose this device with a chip (A14) from two years ago?

Then someone might argue: “But the iPad 9 is still on sale, for almost the same price as before“.

OK, but so the idea is that the old iPad is the new base iPad? So what’s the point of releasing a new one?

Confusing product line

The addition of a new entry-level iPad (which is no longer entry-level priced) without taking the old model off the market has made the entire iPad lineup quite confusing.

The new iPad 10 inherited the same design as the current one iPad Air (which in turn was already inspired by the Pro models): end of the front button, Touch ID on the side, USB-C, 10.9-inch screen with thin edges, 5G and a unique camera system.

As a result, the two models were extremely similarwith only three differences: the chip, some features of the screen and the Apple Pencil support.

For a strange reason, Apple has retained compatibility for the first-generation Apple Pencil on the new iPad. they say it is front camera fault which has moved and now occupies the space that was the Apple Pencil 2’s magnetic charging system.

The Air comes with the beautiful M1 chip, which brings it more speed against the A14 Bionic of the iPad 10. But as it highlights Sami Fathi from MacRumors, will the regular consumer notice this difference in processor speed?

And in case you don’t notice, then what would make me opt for an iPad Air if I can buy an iPad 10 “almost the same” for R$ 1,700 less?

At the same time, for “only R$1,700” more, you have an iPad Air that has the potential to last a few good years longer due to its most modern chipwhich will receive more iOS updates.

That is, for those who really care about price, they will probably choose the old iPad 9. For those who can pay a little more, they might choose the Air, which is more modern.

Very confused.

All these questions are valid.

After all, if the iPad 9 was to be kept, why launch a more expensive iPad 10, similar to another already existing model?

How will that consumer who doesn’t read blogs or technology news choose a new iPad, when faced with this huge line of options?

Is Apple not straying too far from that policy of model reduction implemented by Steve Jobs when he returned to Apple in 1996?

I’ll let you answer these questions here in the comments. 😉

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