These actors have twin brothers and you didn’t know!

Discovering the existence of twin brothers of actors is a path of no return, especially when they share a career.

That said, if you were curious to know more details about the existence of twin actors in the film business, stay here and follow our list!

Check out actors who have twins

Ashton and Michael Kutcher

Being twins, but not so alike, brothers Ashton and Michael Kutcher were born on February 7, 1978. Ashton has already revealed to be very close to his brother, who has cerebral palsy.

Accepting Drake University’s Pillar of Character Award in 2017, Ashton said: “My brother was born with cerebral palsy and it taught me that loving people is not a choice and that people are not really created equal.”.

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Aaron and Shawn Ashmore

Aaron and Shawn Ashmore were born on October 7, 1979. While Shawn became known for being the Iceman in X-Men and the Beacon of Light in The Boys, Aaron marked the world of fictional series with Killjoys and Locke & Key.

The two actors once starred in a movie together, 2004’s My Brother’s Keeper, but, overall, the two have kept their careers apart.

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Laverne Cox and M Lamar

The existence of Laverne Cox’s brother, M Lamar, became known because of his collaboration on the series Orange is the New Black. At one point in the series, we follow how Sophia Burset transitioned and, while still identifying as a man, M Lamar makes a cameo in the production.

What sets the two actors apart is how distinct they are in style, yet extremely similar physically. Born May 29, 1972, Laverne is an actress and model, while Lamar is a songwriter, performance and artist.

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Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent

Vin Diesel is Paul Vincent’s twin brother. Born on July 18, 1987, the most curious thing about this duo is that Vin previously commented that Paul looks more like Paul Walker, former Fast and Furious co-star, than him.

The two have already collaborated together. While Paul prefers to stay in the production, Vin continued on as the action movie actor we know today. An example of this is the 1995 short Multi-Facial, in which Vin wrote, directed and acted in the project and his brother produced it.

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Rami and Sami Malek

Born on May 12, 1981, the two brothers are just four minutes apart. While Rami wins over audiences in movie theaters, Sami captivates in classrooms.

The brother of the Oscar winner for Best Leading Actor is a university professor. According to Rami, the two were even more alike when they were younger and liked to mess around with it. With Rami presenting a college work in place of Sami.

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Scarlett and Hunter Jonansson

This is information that doesn’t usually circulate as much, but Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother named Hunter Johansson. Born on November 22, 1984, the two pursued similar but different careers.

While Scarlett delights audiences with roles like Natasha Romanoff, Hunter is known for her modeling career.

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