While players were being awarded, Neymar was being judged

With Benzema awarded the Ballon d’Or and Vinícius Júnior named the best Brazilian in eighth position, Neymar was not even among the 30 and, on the same day of the ceremony in Paris, he was in Spain giving evidence in a case that investigates private corruption in the transfer he made. from Barcelona to Santos. Casagrande draws attention to the situation and even what was expected of the Brazilian when he went to Europe.

At the Red cardalongside José Trajano and Juca Kfouri, the columnist for UOL states that he worries that people only look at what is done on the field when idolizing a football player.

“While there was the day when they were handing over the golden ball to the best goalkeeper, best player, best youngster and the award of a guy who cares about his society, the best player in Brazil, who a lot of people idolize here, was being tried, giving testimony on charges of private corruption, a player that everyone thought when he left here that he would win ten Ballons d’Or, would be the top scorer several times, Golden Boot, what did he achieve individually? Nothing”, says Trajano .

“After he left Barcelona he saw a player who scores goals in the French Championship and I’m worried about this idolatry because people only look at the ball and don’t see the context, he was being judged yesterday. While the players who were at the party were with butterflies in his stomach waiting to win the award, Neymar, shirt number 10, had butterflies in his stomach because he could be condemned”, he adds.

See what else was interesting in the opinion of UOL columnists:

Casagrande: Unlike Brazilians in Europe, Mané has not lost his roots

At the Ballon d’Or ceremony, what moved Casagrande the most was the delivery of the Sócrates award, a newcomer category in this year’s edition, which rewards responsible players in humanitarian causes, with Senegalese Sadio Mané receiving the trophy from Raí, brother of the honoree. . The columnist highlights as difference from the Bayern Munich athlete the fact that he does not abandon his roots.

“Mané is completely different from the vast majority of Brazilian players today who are in Europe. He was probably born into a very poor family, in Senegal, an African country, which has several problems, which also has civil war, the guy goes to Europe, he won a lot of money, he’s at Bayern Munich, but he hasn’t lost his roots. help”.

Juca Kfouri and José Trajano are also moved by Socrates

The debut of the Socrates award at the Ballon d’Or touched not only Casagrande, a former partner on the field, but also Juca Kfouri and José Trajano, who were personal friends of the former player who died in 2011.

“I think I’m getting old. Because I confess that when I saw Raí’s scene with Mané and Raí’s gesture, Magrão’s photo, I cried”, says Juca.

“We miss him so much and every time we see our dear Magrão honored in the way he was, it makes us very emotional. Because there is this award, to whom it was given, which is an example to be followed, and who gave the award”.

Casagrande: On penalties, Corinthians becomes favorite against Flamengo

Flamengo is pointed out with the favoritism in the final of the Copa do Brasil against Corinthians at Maracanã, counting on the home factor, the strong squad and the results of the last years, but for Casagrande the difference for this game is not so big and it can be reversed if the match goes to penalties.

“Flamengo in four years will play in the third Libertadores final, they were two-time Brazilian champions, it’s a much more consistent team. Corinthians has to recognize that, If it goes to penalties, Corinthians are favorites, the home team is pressured, an emotional fall, not to mention that they will have to take a penalty on Cássio. Corinthians can win in the 90 minutes, but Flamengo is the favorite and if it goes to penalties, the favoritism is reversed”, he says.

Casagrande places Falcão in the top 20 of all time

Idol of Internacional, Roma and one of the main players of the Brazilian team in the 1982 World Cup, Paulo Roberto Falcão celebrated his 69th birthday last Sunday and Casagrande surrendered to him, placing him as one of the greatest in the history of world football.

“Falcão was one of the best players in the history of football, he’s up there, right up there. He’s a completely different player, he did all the things that others did in midfield, he could play with whatever shirt he wanted, in that spectacular environment. For me, he’s one of the 20 best players of all time that I’ve seen him play, from 70 onwards I put him up there”, he concludes.

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