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From the outside, it’s not immediately clear why Mila Kunis didn’t return for the 2015 sequel. Ted 2. Seth MacFarlane is best known as the creator of Family manbut while it may have evolved into something of a brand, it took a few years to get to that point. Ted was certainly part of that success. The original Ted open to surprisingly strong reviews, with critics impressed by its mixture of laughter and heart. It was also an R-rated smash hit and grossed nearly $550 million worldwide. However, when it comes to the sequel, lightning hasn’t struck twice – in part due to Kunis’ absence.

Ted 2 has some laughs and an interesting premise with the title character fighting for his rights to be seen as a person, but it felt forced compared to the original. Ted 2 also visibly lacking Family man’‘s Mila Kunis as Lori, John’s girlfriend and eventual fiancee in the first entry. Kunis did not return for the sequel, but there are some very logical reasons for her absence. The first is that the original concept for Ted 2 was scrapped, which saw John and Ted on a wild trip across the country smuggling marijuana. Lori was still an important part of this story, but that was dropped due to the 2013 release. We’re the Millers, which had a very similar concept. The plot was changed to Ted’s legal battle, which required the need for a lawyer character, and according to MacFarlane at least, that left little room for Lori to play a role.

Why Mila Kunis wasn’t in Ted 2

Ted Mila Kunis

In addition to the original narrative approach, there were some practical reasons behind Mila Kunis. Ted 2 absence. Kunis was also pregnant at the time. Ted 2 it was due to the movie, which is another major reason Lori wasn’t introduced. Instead, the sequel mentioned that John and Lori are divorced, and he later falls in love with Amanda Seyfried’s attorney, Samantha Jackson. While the follow-up did reasonable business, the gross was less than half of that. from Ted haul, putting in doubt a third entry that comes with it. While the film fell short in many ways, Kunis’ absence for both storytelling and personal reasons certainly didn’t help.

Why losing Mila Kunis hurt the Ted franchise

Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane and Mila Kunis in Ted

the loss of That 70’s Show actress Mila Kunis between Ted and Ted 2 severely affected the franchise. The sequel had a notable drop in ratings, effectively ruling out the possibility of another Ted movie. For example, on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, Ted is considered “fresh”, earning a score of 69% from critics and an audience score of 73%. Ted 2on the other hand, it dropped to 44% critical and 50% audience, making it certified as rotten.

While Amanda Seyfried is an amazing actress, her chemistry with actor Mark Wahlberg just doesn’t compare to her bond with Kunis, which was one of many complaints about Ted 2. Kunis simply brought something different to the screen, bringing the cast together and making a genuinely funny movie. While Seyfried is talented in her own right, the reasoning behind Kunis’ absence is legitimate, and her disappearance works seamlessly within the narrative, Mila Kunis’ lack of presence is clearly felt throughout. Ted 2, and she was sorely missed. So Mila Kunis Ted 2 The absence was a big problem for the Ted franchise.

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