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The selection of films to watch at home includes the subversion of classic works, especially “Rosalina”, which transforms the tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” into a love triangle comedy, and “Cyrano”, which changes the poetic farce and famous nose for a musical with Peter Dinklage.

Check out the 10 suggestions of the week below to transform your living room into a movie theater.


Kaitlyn Dever (from “Out of Series”) is the title Rosalina, Juliet’s cousin and who also happens to be Romeo’s ex-girlfriend. The film aims to tell the story of this love triangle for the first time, transforming one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies into a fun romantic comedy. For this, it changes the perspective of the classic love story, showing “Romeo and Juliet” through the eyes of the rejected and vengeful ex, who plans to sabotage the most famous courtship of all time.

The plot is based on a bestseller by Rebecca Serle (author of the book that became the series “Famous in Love”) and was scripted by experts Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, the duo of “(500) Days with Her” and “Blame it on the stars”. The direction is by Karen Maine, responsible for the cult comedy “Sin Camp” (Yes, God, Yes), and the cast also highlights Kyle Allen (“The Map of Perfect Little Things”) as Romeo and Isabela Merced (Dora from “Dora and the Lost City”) as Juliet – in addition to Minnie Driver (“Speachless”), Bradley Whitford (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), Christopher McDonald (“Hacks”) and Sean Teale (“The Gifted”).


Peter Dinklage (Tyrion from “Game of Thrones”) lives a different Cyrano de Bergerac, who goes from being the ugly big nose in Edmond Rostand’s (1868-1918) classic play to becoming a person with dwarfism. But this is not the only change of the film, unpublished in Brazilian cinemas. His rival turned black with the casting of Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Fred Hampton from “The Chicago 7”) as heartthrob Christian. And the fight for the heart of Roxanne (lived in the film by Haley Bennett, of “The Devil of Every Day”) is presented as a musical.

For those who don’t remember this well-known story, Cyrano is in love with Roxanne, but she only has eyes for the beautiful and simple Christian. Accepted, the ugly tries to teach the beautiful how to conquer his beloved, making him sign romantic letters of his own and declaring ravishing poems that he created. But this creates obvious problems, because Christian is far from romantic and disappoints Roxanne on a real date, without Cyrano’s pretense. To complicate matters further, there’s still a wealthy suitor (Ben Mendelsohn, from “Captain Marvel”) wanting everyone’s sweetheart. And all this takes place during a war.

This plot has been staged in many ways, from classic swordsmanship adventure to modern romantic comedy, but this time it materializes as a musical directed by Joe Wright (from “Anna Karenina” and “Pride and Prejudice”), in which the poems become music and the love triangle gets everyone dancing.


The heartbreaking drama tells the story of a terminally ill father (James Norton) who wants to give his young son a future. In the plot, when the father discovers he has only a few months to live, he tries to find a perfect new family for his son, determined to protect him from the terrible reality of life. Written and directed by Italian Uberto Pasolini (“An Ordinary Life”), it won the audience award at the Warsaw (Poland) and Pula (Croatia) festivals, in addition to 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.


The new Brazilian comedy reminiscent of an old Afternoon Session features Caio Castro (“New World”) as a confirmed bachelor, who has never been deeply involved with any woman other than his mother and three sisters. But when he finds himself terminal, his controlling mother makes one last request: to see him married. And to avoid being left out of the will, the bachelor decides to hire an actress (Thati Lopes, from “Diários de Intercâmbio”) to pretend to be his fiancee.

But she starts to improvise and does everything differently than agreed. And to everyone’s surprise, the matriarch is delighted, who even hands over the keys to a coveted family property to the couple. Although the premise is familiar, Thati Lopes’ talent for humor helps to swallow even the most unpalatable aspects.

“Esposa de Aluguel” is written by Fil Braz (“Minha Mãe é uma Peça 3”), directed by Cris D’Amato (“Double Father”) and also has in its cast Mariana Xavier (also from “Minha Mãe é uma Piece 3”), Gabi Lopes (“The Girl Who Killed Her Parents”) and Danielle Winits (“Everything’s OK for Christmas to Come”).


This Italian romantic drama reflects a long love story, presented through the memories of a young couple. These are not always faithful memories, altered by moods and differences in perception, as well as time itself, which show them happy/unhappy, together/separated, in love with each other/in love with others, in a flow of emotions and feelings. Beautifully photographed and masterfully written and directed by Valerio Mieli (“Ten Winters”), the non-linear presentation results in an engaging reflection on the subjectivity of memories and love.

He won three parallel awards at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for three others at the David Di Donatello (the Italian Oscar).


Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s dark fantasy (“Innocence”) follows a 50-year-old caretaker who is hired to care for a 10-year-old girl. His most important task is to preserve her dentures, which are made of ice and must be changed several times a day, in addition to answering the GM’s many daily phone calls, who question the child’s well-being. The girl with the ice teeth never leaves the house, where the blinds are always closed. Until the day the caretaker is instructed to get her ready to leave.

Everything happens in a mysterious and bizarre way, like the colored sequences of light that reflect the emotional states of the characters, who barely talk to each other. It’s unsettling, strange and that’s why the director encourages the audience to keep an open mind to draw their own conclusions. It only arrives on Saturday (10/15) on the MUBI platform.


Three free-spirited young women face the boredom and lack of expectations of life in Kosovo. To escape the limitations of their everyday existence, they decide to form a gang and start committing robberies. Written, directed and starring at the age of 18 by the precocious Luàna Bajrami (actress of “Portrait of a Young Woman on Fire”), the film won five international awards at the festivals in Sarajevo, Warsaw, Stockholm and Raindance.


This Halloween children’s comedy only made the list because there are so many fans of Marlon Wayans’ bad movies (from “Paranormal Inactivity”) and the selection of releases for the week is pretty poor overall. The plot follows a teenager (Priah Ferguson, from “Stranger Things”) who accidentally releases a spirit capable of making Halloween decorations come to life. Faced with catastrophe, she must team up with her father (Wayans), a skeptical man who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, to try to save the city.

The direction is by Jeff Wadlow (from the terrible horror inspired by the series “Fantasy Island”) and the cast also includes singer Kelly Rowland (“Freddy vs. Jason”), Lauren Lapkus (“The Wrong Missy”) and Rob Riggle (“Angels of the Law”). Be afraid and don’t watch it alone, let the kids do it to preserve their sanity.


The Brazilian thriller is inspired by the real robbery that recently took place in a large bank on Avenida Paulista, in the heart of São Paulo. The plot follows father and adopted daughter who organized the robbery, seeing the rehearsed plans start to go wrong after leaving the bank and even trying to dump the stolen jewelry in Paraguay. Directed by Flavio Frederico (“Boca”), the film highlights Eriberto Leão and Bianca Bin (both from “O Outro Lado do Paraíso”) as protagonists.


Luiz Antônio Pilar’s allegorical production (“Mojubá”) takes place in the last three days of the writer Lima Barreto’s hospitalization in an asylum. Suffering from depression and alcoholism, he looks back on his life as a young author while writing “Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma”, one of his major works. At 42, the artist fantasizes about the characters he created and has constant hallucinations that constantly remind him of his youth. The two versions of Lima Barreto also confront the characters of the novel, who come to life and appear on the scene in a fanciful and caricatured way. Script and art direction were awarded at the Cine-PE festival in Recife.


The Brazilian animation, based on the Cartoon Network series of the same name, follows Gajah, an elephant with no memory who, after becoming famous, ends up moving away from his old traveling companions on the Tromba Trem. Stardom is short-lived, as he soon becomes the prime suspect in mysterious kidnappings. Unraveling the mystery will only be possible with the help of pre-fame friends: a group of stubborn termites and Duda, an excited and innocent vegetarian anteater. The direction is by Zé Brandão, creator of the characters and producer of “O Irmão do Jorel”.

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