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With “Dahmer: The American Cannibal” still climbing the list of most watched series, Netflix has released another tense production by Ryan Murphy, equally based on real events and the less subtle style that characterize the works of the producer. And this time, critics liked it better.

There’s another good thriller in the selection, but the range of options even includes romance and the unmissable story of Spotify’s creation. Check out 10 suggestions for marathoning this weekend below.


Ryan Murphy’s new thriller (“Dahmer: The American Cannibal”) is inspired by the famous “Watcher” house in New Jersey. A couple bought the 1905 Dutch colonial property for nearly $1.4 million in 2014 but were forced to abandon their new home because of chilling letters from someone calling himself “The Watcher” who claimed to have “watched” the house. home for decades. “I am the Watcher. Bring me your young blood,” read one of the notes.

The production marks the return of Naomi Watts (“Goodnight Mommy”) to Netflix after the frustrated experience of “Gypsy” – canceled with just one season in 2017 – and her second consecutive work with Bobby Cannavale (“Mr. Robot”) – the two have just finished filming “This Is the Night” by director James DeMonaco (the creator of the “The Purge” franchise).

According to the official synopsis, Dean (Cannavale) and Nora Brannock (Watts) have just purchased their dream home in the idyllic suburb of Westfield, New Jersey. But soon after spending all of their savings on closing the deal, they realize the neighborhood isn’t welcoming at all.

There’s an eccentric older woman named Pearl (Mia Farrow, from “My Wife’s Ex-Boyfriend”) and her brother Jasper (Terry Kinney, from “Billions”) who infiltrate the Brannock house and hide in the elevator. There’s also Karen (Coolidge), the realtor and an old acquaintance of Nora’s, who makes them feel like they don’t belong. In addition, the neighborhood still has nosy neighbors Mitch (Richard Kind, of “tick, tick… BOOM!”) and Mo (Margo Martindale, of “The Americans”), who do not respect the boundaries of the property.

But the main couple’s lives only turn to hell when the sinister letters begin to arrive, terrifying the Brannocks to the breaking point as the neighborhood’s sinister secrets spread.


The digital industry and its “killer apps” have yielded several revealing miniseries, but none as focused as this Swedish production, which offers an accurate account of how a small Stockholm company revolutionized the music industry with the idea of ​​launching a platform (not pirated ) of subscription music. This is the story of Spotify.

With a script by Christian Spurrier (“Silent Witness”) and direction by Per-Olav Sørensen (“Royalteen”), the plot could only focus on Daniel Ek (Edvin Endre, from “Fartblinda”), who, frustrated at not being considered good enough to work at Google, ended up creating Spotify. Instead, he shares his role with other professionals who, in one way or another, imagined the answer to record companies’ prayers during the unprecedented crisis that threatened to wipe out the music industry at the beginning of the 21st century. Brilliant.


Another miniseries based on fact stranger than fiction, “Angelyne” pays homage to the first person who became a celebrity with nothing to show for it but their desire to be famous.

The real Angelyne won over the media with a daring plan in the 1980s, decades before social media and reality shows, by spreading billboards in Los Angeles with her curvaceous figure. The curiosity around her presence on the giant posters made her be interviewed by several TV shows, which earned her the much-desired fame.

Produced by Sam Esmail (“Mr. Robot”) and starring his wife Emmy Rossum (“Shameless”), the series is written by Nancy Oliver (writer-producer of “True Blood”) and also features Martin Freeman (“Black Panther”. ), Alex Karpovsky (“Girls”), Hamish Linklater (“Midnight Mass”), Charlie Rowe (“Rocketman”), Lukas Gage (“Euphoria”), Michael Angarano (“Minx”), Molly Ephraim (” Perry Mason”) and David Krumholtz (“The Deuce”).


Critically acclaimed, the series is inspired by the movie “The Boat: Hell at Sea” (1981) and follows the crew of a German submarine during World War II. Season 3 presents a British captain who decides to act cruelly in the confrontation with submarines, after receiving the news of the death of his son in battle, a fortune in smuggled gold, the entrance of the Japanese navy and the resurgence of the former captain of the “boat” in Lisbon, with a plan to end the war.

Praised and with 85% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, the series is considered as good as the original film, in addition to expanding the story that became cult and enshrined the recently deceased director Wolfgang Petersen in the 1980s. The 10 new episodes were directed by Dennis Gansel (from the cult film “The Wave”) and Hans Steinbichler (“The Diary of Anne Frank”), and the series is renewed for a 4th season.


The period miniseries turned series and secured more seasons thanks to public acclaim, but actress Rose Williams (from “Reign / Reign”) lost her love interest. Actor Theo James (“Divergent”) is not returning due to scheduling issues. So when Charlotte Heywood (Williams) decides to spend a new summer at the picturesque coastal resort of Sanditon, she finds new heartthrobs thanks to the installation of a military garrison in the region.

The production is based on the last unfinished novel by Jane Austen (1775-1817), the most famous romantic writer of all time, author of “Pride and Prejudice” and “Emma”, among other classics, who wrote the first 11 chapters months before his death in 1817, but did not complete the plot.

The adaptation was developed by Andrew Davies, responsible for the BBC version of “War and Peace”. But its abrupt end, like the unfinished romance, divided opinion in 2019, sparking a fan campaign for a 2nd season, which ended up not being carried out the way supporters of the original couple would have liked.

The scripts for the new chapters were written by Justin Young (“Death in Paradise”), who had to figure out how to continue the story beyond what was written by Austen. And not just for a 2nd season. The series is already renewed for its third year of production.


The French thriller from filmmakers Bruno Merle (“The Forgotten Prince”) and Olivier Abbou (“Strangers in the House”) follows a writer hired to write the memoirs of a humble retiree. But what begins as the story of a love story from the 1970s becomes the confession of a serial killer, with inspiration in the bloody style of “giallo”, the psychopath films of Italian cinema.

The cast includes Niels Arestrup (“The Prophet”), Nicolas Duvauchelle (“Polissia”), Alyzée Costes (“The Little Crimes of Agatha Christie”) and Alice Belaïdi (“If I Were a Man”).


The sports drama that takes John Stamos (“Fuller House”) back to “high school” stars the actor as a famous basketball coach, who, because of his temperamental behavior, is fired from his coveted job and ends up becoming an education teacher. physics at a private school for girls – where her daughter (Sophia Mitri Schloss, from “The Kicks”) studies. His arrival collides with the girls’ dynamics, but it doesn’t take long and the bad mood gives way to understanding, helping the girls form a highly competitive team.

The big news of Season 2 is the change in status of the school, from being exclusively female to opening its doors to boys, which creates a series of new problems for the coach and his team.

Created by David E. Kelley (“Big Little Lies”) and Dean Lorey (“Harley Quinn”), the series also stars Jessalyn Gilsig (“Glee”), Yvette Nicole Brown (“Community”), Monique A. Green ( “I Am the Night”), Tiana Le (“No Good Nick”), Sophia Mitri Schloss (“The Kicks”) and newcomer Tish Custodio.


The South Korean sci-fi comedy follows a young woman who believes her boyfriend has been abducted by aliens. She teams up with a ufology enthusiast to investigate his mysterious disappearance and finds herself facing one twist after another. While the story of the friendship of the two protagonists, who were childhood friends, is explained in flashbacks, the plot of the present invests in doubt, if the little green men are hallucinations or if the truth is out there.

Created by Jin Han-sae (“Extracurricular”), the production stars Jeon Yeo-bin (“Vicenzo”) and singer Im Jin-Ah (of K-pop group Orange Caramel).


The series starring Charlie Hunnam (“Sons of Anarchy”) was supposed to be a film starring and produced by Johnny Depp, but that incarnation never got off the ground. But perhaps the length of a movie would make the adaptation of Gregory David Roberts’ bestseller more agile. The complex plot, full of twists and slow to gather pace, is about the journey of a man named Lin, who, after escaping from an Australian prison, reinvents himself as a doctor in the slums of Bombay, India, in the 1980s.

He ends up getting involved with a local mob boss (Alexander Siddig, from “Gotham”) and eventually uses his weapons trafficking and counterfeiting skills to fight off invading Russian troops in Afghanistan. At the same time, he falls in love with an enigmatic and intriguing woman named Karla (Antonia Desplat, from “Letter to the King”) and must choose between freedom or love and the complications that come with that choice.

The ambitious production is written by Eric Warren Singer (“American Hustle”), directed by filmmaker Justin Kurzel (“Assassin’s Creed”) and also features writer-producer Steve Lightfoot (“The Punisher”) as showrunner.


The adaptation of Ziraldo’s character is Netflix’s second Brazilian animated series – which four years ago launched “Super Drags” for an older audience.

“O Menino Maluquinho” was originally a children’s book of the same name published in 1980, which became a sales phenomenon and inspired the launch of comic books of the character, published by publishers Abril and Globo from 1989 to 2007. The stories revolve around around a cheerful and naughty child – or, as the first paragraph of the original book describes, “a boy who had an eye bigger than his belly, fire in his ass and wind in his feet”. Full of imagination, the character loves to get ready and live adventures with friends, and is distinguished by wearing a big pot on his head, as if it were a helmet or hat.

Before the Netflix series, “O Menino Maluquinho” had already won two live-action film adaptations.

The adaptation was in charge of Carina Schulze and Arnaldo Branco (both from “Juacas”), with direction by Beto Gomez (“Oswaldo”) and Michele Massagli (“Clube da Anittinha”).

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