10 Tech News to Start Your Day (10/20)

Good morning, TechMundo! Check the Top 10 news from the universe of technology, science and entertainment – they are among the most important of the day. A great opportunity to keep up to date with the latest world events, isn’t it?

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News from 1 to 10:

1. Nucoin: Nubank announces digital currency that will arrive in 2023: Nubank announced this Wednesday (19) Nucoin, its own digital currency. Created with the aim of promoting its network of consumers, it will serve as “the basis for creating a rewards program”, according to the company. Know more;

two. What is Lula Play, mentioned by Lula on the Flow podcast?: the primer Lula Play, whose entirety was made available to the public in August of this yearwas one of the issues raised by the candidate for the presidency of Brazil, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). Among the activities is the elaboration of public policies that promote the consumer market and the productive sector of games in Brazil. Check out;

3. Real Digital: Central Bank takes virtual currency off paper: Conceived by the Central Bank, Real Digital will be a virtual and stable extension (stablecoin) of our common currency. The initiative is part of a global trend towards financial modernization, given the advance of digitalization. Look;

4. Real Digital: what are the advantages of the Brazilian digital currency?: It is imagined that, in the medium term, Real Digital will facilitate circulation between digital wallets and can be used for global payments – such as in travel abroad or international transactions. Thus, the Real Digital system should bring some advantages over traditional financial models. Check out what they are;

5. Khaby Lame: How much does the biggest tiktoker in the world charge for video?: Starting his career with “silent” videos during the pandemic, the Senegalese Khaby Lame, 22 years old, ended up becoming the world’s largest content creator on TikTok, with more than 150 million followers — popularity gained even without speaking a single word of English. Understand;

6. Silent Hill 2 Remake To Be Revealed By Konami Today (19): Konami will hold a live stream focused on Silent Hill today (19th), starting at 6 pm, and the company itself let slip one of the possible announcements. The video description brings space for a PlayStation Store link with Silent Hill 2, as shared by the gaming expert. Nibellion. Know more;

7. Scientists discover new ecosystem at the bottom of the ocean in Maldives: Dubbed “The Trapping Zone”, something like “trap zone”, by the team, the community of living organisms discovered proved to be a true submerged oasis of life. Check out;

8. House of the Dragon: Last Episode Will Bring Different Side of Daemon: THE Dance of the Dragons officially starts! This Sunday (23), the last episode of House of the Dragon arrives at the catalog of HBO Max and will show the first battle of the civil war between the Targaryens: that of Aemond Targaryen against Lucerys Velaryon. Understand how it will work;

9. The Rings of Power: Connection between Sauron and the Stranger is detailed; Look!: In a recent interview, showrunner Patrick McKay brought new information about the future of the series The Rings of Power. According to him, the next season will explore the connections between the Stranger and Sauron, reviving stories about their origins and developing the plots based on their original identities. Check out!

10. How Much Vacation Time Do We Really Need, According to Science: All the vacation time offered to us never seems to be enough. So, how much time do we need away from work to be able to live well? At the end of the day, there are a number of scientific benefits that need to be analyzed and considered if you want to argue for extra time for your boss! Find it out;

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