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And it seems that after ten years, one of the most famous and well-known actresses in the world, is finally overcoming the wave of hatred that she has received for many years. The actress in question is the big star of the hit movie ‘The devil Wears Prada‘ (2006), Anne Hathaway. To remember the whole situation, Anna was the target of many malicious comments and even the target of contempt on social networks in mid-2013, shortly after the actress won an Oscar for the feature ‘Les Miserables’.

The situation was that at the time, people started saying that the actress was ‘boring’ because of being titled ‘too perfect’ which generated several hateful comments on the internet. The renowned New York Times even went deeper into this climate that was around the artist, even publishing an article called ‘Do We Really Hate Anne Hathaway?’.

After so many years living in this situation, the actress decided to open the game and talk about it at the Women in Hollywood event, which was organized by Elle magazine in the city of Los Angeles last Tuesday (10/18). Anne said that she unfortunately had already hated herself well before this buzz on social media.

Ten years ago, I had the opportunity to look at the language of hate from a new perspective. To put it in context – this was language I had been using with myself since I was seven. And when your self-inflicted pain is suddenly amplified back at you, say, to the full volume of the internet… It’s one thing.”says Anne Hathaway openly.

When this public hatred grew to massive proportions, she realized that “I didn’t want to have anything to do with that power line.”. “I wouldn’t create more art out of it. I wouldn’t give it any more space; I wouldn’t live in fear of it; nor would he speak their language for any reason. To no one. Including myself,” she stated, before adding, “Because there is a difference between existence and behavior. You can judge behavior. You can forgive the behavior or not. But you have no right to judge, and especially to hate, a person for existing.”vented.

She even says that hate is “the opposite of life”is that “we were born experiencing love“, and throughout our formation and creation, we get to know “a culture of misplaced hate, unhealed hurt and toxicity”. “This next point is debatable, and I hope it’s not offensive in its optimism, but I believe the good news about hate being learned is that whoever learned it has the ability to learn. There’s a brain there. I hope these people give themselves the chance to relearn love.”

It is worth remembering that in 2021, Anna had already spoken about the subject but saying that the hatred and attacks she suffered also had a false side. “I don’t really want to dig up the past, but I had my monster out there. I had the internet turned against me, hating myself, and that was a huge thing. And it was a really good thing for me personally. You can empower yourself in an incredible way because of these things.”

I think what I would say is, when bad things happen, don’t be afraid, just move on.” finished the actress.

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