Artificial intelligence creates scary video of human evolution

A subject that is becoming controversial on social media, artwork generated by artificial intelligence tools has been divided, with some people using features like the Dall-E 2 and others accusing the technology of degrading the work of flesh-and-blood artists. . On Tuesday (18), an AI-generated video shared on social media managed to delight and shock viewers.

In the 39-second clip, shared on Instagram, Twitter and other platforms by content producer Fabio Comparelli, this struggle between machines and humans – as in the movie Matrix becomes evident when the AI ​​shows the various stages of human evolution and even predicts the future of civilization.

How does AI shape the future of humanity?

Created by Comparelli from a command prompt “Human evolution”, AI art starts with a monkey and shows how humans have evolved through the ages. But as it begins to show the future, the video reveals a frightening dominance of technology.

From a person holding a cell phone, human beings lose their rounded shapes, flatten out, assume intermediate shapes with alien features connected by cables, until finally become a supercomputer or a chip.

As frightening as it may be, it’s good to remember that art made by artificial intelligence is a mimicry of existing art, and all sorts of insight – like those seen in Comparelli’s video – do not present a forecastbut only a representation of the fantasy shared for centuries by human beings.

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