Biggest fish ever recorded by science is found by fishermen

The scientists were unable to determine the exact age of the fish. However, Pereira believes the creature was at least two decades old.

Estimates suggest it is around the end of its lifespan, but no one really knows how long these animals can live. Gomes-Pereira noticed a large bruise on the side of the animal’s head. This could be a sign that they hit the fish with a boat.

According to Kory Evans, a fish ecologist at Rice University, it is very rare to find large fish these days due to overfishing and habitat degradation.

bony fish

According to the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences from Unesp the Osteichthyes, or bony fish, represent the largest group of vertebratesboth in number of species (more than 23,600) and in number of individuals.

Through adaptive radiation, animals develop a huge range of shapes and structures. In addition, they are abundant fish in fresh or salt waters. Also, in shallow or deep water.

Its most striking features are its dermal scales, operculum covering the gill chamber on each side, and its bony skeleton. In addition, it also has a terminal mouth, a gas vesicle, a homocercal caudal fin and two pairs of median fins.

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