Brazilians can now install the new ID on their cell phone; learn how to download

Brazilians can now install the new Digital ID on the cellphone. The new feature brings more practicality to everyday life, especially because having the document in hand is extremely important.

The Federal Government granted the document update was granted with the aim of providing more security and practicality to citizens.

O digital ID download was released recently, however, not all states in the country have already joined the modality. All states will have until May 2023 to adapt to the new format.

RG Digital can now be installed

The ID is now available in the states of Alagoas, Federal District, Goiás, Pará, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. For those who do not reside in one of the states mentioned, it will be necessary to wait for the implementation.

It is important to note that, despite being offered in several states of the country, not all of them still have the digital version of the document.

It turns out that current legislation determines that each state is responsible for issuing the RG. In this way, each state has its own definitions, as well as whether or not they can release the digital version of the document at this time.

Check the states that offer the ID and download it on your mobile:

After installing the RG, it is enough for the citizen to click on the option to add the document. Once that’s done, point your cell phone camera at the QR Code on your document and validate the digital version.

Government launches new RG for citizens

The digital version of the RG, mentioned earlier in the article, is different from the new RG that was launched this year by the Government. The new document model took effect on March 1st. However, the identification institutes of the states will have a deadline for them to adapt to the new document: until 2023.

Recently, the Federal Government released new models of the identity card and passport. The CIN (National Identity Card) started to be issued on the 4th, in a single model, regardless of which State it was produced.

According to information from the Government, citizens who already have their CPF and live in Minas Gerais, Acre, Pernambuco, Goiás, Distrito Federal, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul will be able to request the new document. The other states will be able to issue the new model by March 2023.

“The replacement will be done gradually and free of charge. It is important to emphasize that the current identity remains valid until 2032. The change will be gradual and without mishap”, confirmed the government.

Physical, on paper (free) or plastic, is the way to guarantee citizenship to Brazilians who do not have access to the internet, smartphones or computers.

The digital format of the document can be obtained through the federal government application, but only after the physical card is issued. In other words, the CIN is a physical document, but it will also have its digital version, through the application.

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