Corinthians repudiates ‘prejudiced statements’ by Renata Fan

In today’s program “Jogo Aberto”, on TV Bandeirantes (20), a speech by presenter Renata Fan generated controversy with Corinthians fans on social networks. When making a provocation to journalist Chico Garcia for the defeat of Corinthians in the final of the Copa do Brasil, Renata said that cheering for Corinthians “does not match [com ele]” and that Chico “is not a maloqueiro”.

“I warned you: stop, Chico, you don’t match [com o Corinthians], you are not a maloqueiro. You’re a studied guy, a multi-purpose guy. Then you wanted to become a Corinthians fan just to please your wife,” said Renata, who was questioned by Corinthians player Ronaldo Giovanelli. “What’s the problem?”, asked the former goalkeeper. On social media, the statement was considered prejudiced, when relating the fact of rooting for Corinthians with a lack of education.

A few hours later, Corinthians officially took a position, repudiating the speech of the gaúcha presenter: “Corinthians, the people’s team, regrets and repudiates the prejudiced statements of presenter Renata Fan on the program “Jogo Aberto” (Band) this Thursday (20) and reinforces the pride of our greatest asset: a passionate and faithful crowd.”

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