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A couple from Los Angeles went viral on social media by showing how they control the house where they live with chips implanted in their hand.

In the videos, they open doors and drawers with the cards, inserted between their thumb and index finger.

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Their accounts are called “chipgirlhere” and “chipguyhere” (“chip girl here” and “chip guy here”, in free translation) and they have more than 3 million followers.

Chips like theirs, the size of a grain of rice, can also be used for payments or to lock down devices like computers and cell phones (understand below how it works).

Chip helps to open doors and drawers inside the house – Photo: Reproduction / TikTok

In one of the couple’s most famous videos, the woman, who identifies herself as “Burgundy” on TikTok, fights her way through the house with the chip.

Asked why she locks the entire house on chips, she says it’s a “proof of concept”.

“We are really a technological and innovative family,” says Burgundy, as he plays in a video with one of the dogs, called “Chipup”, also equipped with the cards.

“We bought the house together and the previous owner was a founder of a tech startup. He had this access card system installed, which could read a card or key fob, so we thought we’d improve the system,” added the husband, in one of the published videos.

What is it like to have a microchip implanted in your hand? Watch in VIDEO:

What is it like to have a microchip implanted in your hand?

What is it like to have a microchip implanted in your hand?

The technology has existed for some years in the world and generates the communication of the body with other devices through a 12 mm piece, which is implanted between the person’s thumb and index finger.

The chip can be implanted in the body within minutes and the process usually takes place in piercing application studios.

However, doctors warn that the procedure must be accompanied by health professionals to ensure safety.

Furthermore, even successful application needs follow-up. There may be an adverse reaction in the following days if the person’s body understands that it is being “invaded”.

In these cases, inflammation may occur and the implant region may become hardened. If this happens, it is important to remove the device as soon as possible.

How the chip implanted in the hand works — Photo: Arte/g1

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