David Luiz predicts Vital’s mistake and Rodinei’s penalty goal

Flamengo has a list of likely heroes in the stellar cast. But it was from Rodinei’s feet that the decisive penalty for the title came out. Third reserve a few months ago and contested by the fans, the right-back was the target of a premonition from teammate David Luiz, had doubts and a cry of relief until Rubro-Negro won against Corinthians.

“Man, at these times we don’t imagine anything. It’s a time that you have to be very cold, concentrated and know what you have to do. And when Mateus Vital went to the sixth penalty for Corinthians, David Luiz spoke to me: ‘ He [Vital] will make a mistake and it will be left for you. Is written. It’s all designed for that.’ And man, when he made a mistake, I said: ‘Now it’s up to me’. I took a breath, I was nervous for the ball, it’s normal, but, thank God, I was able to score and give this title to the Nation, because they deserve a lot”, said Rodinei in the mixed zone of Maracanã.

It is not the first time that David Luiz “predicts” victory. In 2012, when he was champion with Chelsea in the Champions League, the defender said after the title that he warned Schweinsteiger when Drogba’s goal came out to even the score. At the time, the English team also won on penalties.

Everton Ribeiro was another who heard comments from David Luiz before Rodinei’s charge. On the occasion, however, the defender told the midfielder that the side deserved that moment.

“When the opportunity arose there, on the field, I turned to David, and he said: ‘He deserves it, he deserves it. It’s his moment’. We were very confident because he is a very good guy, who even difficult moments, he never gave up, he always worked and deserved this moment of glory. I hope he can enjoy this night and keep it in his memory”, said Everton Ribeiro at Maracanã.

Rodinei played the first Copa do Brasil in 2013 and made his debut for Flamengo also in the competition in 2021, against Coritiba. This season, he has appeared in all nine games and is the competition’s top assists leader with three. He also led other stats on the team.

Hero of the Carioca title in 2017, Rodinei repeated the feat. He joked afterwards that he felt like going to the bathroom while walking against Cassio. He even heard at Dorival Jr’s press conference in the first leg that, by experience, he was kept in the team even with the bad phase. In the end, he stayed. And it was decisive.

Flamengo now turns its attention to Libertadores. On Saturday, he faces América-MG for the Brazilian. On Tuesday, he faces Santos at Maracanã before heading to Guayaquil. On the 29th, Rubro-Negro decides the cup against Athletico-PR.

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