David Luiz tells details of working with Rodinei at Flamengo: “A guy who arrived and saw an orphan” | Flamengo

A partnership of many exchanges and, at times, “pulling ears”.

– Since when I arrived, I had the opportunity to know stories that touched me personally. Rodinei is one of them. A guy that everyone loves, with a giant heart. That I arrived here and saw an orphan, in the sense that “good thing is for us, bad thing is you alone”. I don’t just talk within the club, I talk about everything.

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See David Luiz's statement about his relationship with Rodinei

See David Luiz’s statement about his relationship with Rodinei

David Luiz said he talked to Rodinei as soon as he arrived at Flamengo. According to the defender, his teammate’s posture was not compatible with his talent.

– I said to him: “Rodi, I’m having the opportunity to meet you, I’m seeing a player with enormous potential, which maybe I haven’t seen in some big clubs that I played abroad. But you are very far from being a professional” . And I told him: “I’m here to help you” – revealed the defender in the live ge after the title.

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Watch Flamengo's penalty shootout 1 (6) x (5) 1 Corinthians for the Copa do Brasil final

Watch Flamengo’s penalty shootout 1 (6) x (5) 1 Corinthians for the Copa do Brasil final

After that, David proposed to Rodinei a more regimented work routine. A change that started to bring results on the field. But not without setbacks along the way.

– We created this professional bond. I said: “Starting tomorrow, we arrive at the club at 7:30”. And it was the first change he had at the beginning of the year. Then he faltered, took a tumble. That’s when I said that this way we wouldn’t work anymore. Then he went home with a dog face coming back and said: “That’s what I want, I saw that with work things happen”

– Rodinei is one of the people who taught me the most how beautiful life is in a simpler way. This title crowned this vision I have of life today, much sharper than a guy who lived through countless things here. Often bad things that were his fault, yes, that he should have been otherwise. But often exaggerated, yes.

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David Luiz in action in the final — Photo: Disclosure: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo

In 2022, David Luiz assumed a key leadership role within the red-black squad, albeit without the captain’s armband. At the end of 2021, after the Libertadores final, the defender made tough charges in the red-black locker room after defeat to Santosby the Brazilian.

– Keeping winning is even more difficult, because you relax, it becomes a natural thing. Maybe that was my pull of the ear, so that they have the same passion, dedication, ambition. Because it’s great to win. I was tough, yes, on numerous occasions. But I’m very nice to them in many others. In the wake-up call, they know why. And when they understand that I’m doing it for their good more than my good, it’s a lot easier. What I bring to them is the simplicity of understanding that with work, things happen.

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Pedro celebrates title, possibility of Cup and moment in Fla: "Child's dream"

Pedro celebrates title, possibility of World Cup and moment in Fla: “Child’s dream”

David Luiz took the opportunity to highlight the importance of people who rarely appear for fans.

– Today, when I saw how the penalties were drawn and when I saw that he was going to be left (Rodinei), I knew he was going to be crowned. And it crowns the story of other people that we often don’t know. Employees who arrive there at 4 am, take three or four buses to help us.

Dorival explains changes in the second half: "Needed to keep the height of the area"

Dorival explains changes in the second half: “I needed to keep the height of the area”

David Luiz was one of Flamengo’s highlights in the two matches of the Copa do Brasil final. In addition to making a solid start this Wednesday, he converted his hit in the penalty shootout and helped the team to recover morale after Filipe Luís wasted his kick.

Best moments: Flamengo 1 (6) x (5) 1 Corinthians for the final of the Copa do Brasil 2022

Best moments: Flamengo 1 (6) x (5) 1 Corinthians for the final of the Copa do Brasil 2022

After the game, the defender celebrated his first title with Rubro-Negro:

– Paid work, comes to crown all the party that the fans made, that Corinthians made, their fans too. I hope there were no incidents outside, as it was a wonderful party. And it was decided in detail. I came to a fully consolidated project, to try to continue this journey – he analyzed.

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Gil, David Luiz and Balbuena dispute the ball in the area in the final of the Copa do Brasil — Photo: André Durão/ge

David was hired in the middle of last season, with the expectation of the Libertadores title, which ended up with Palmeiras. In 2022, Flamengo ended up defeated by Fluminense, in Carioca, and lost the Brazilian Supercup Cup to Atlético-MG on penalties.

Throughout this year, the player turned around and consolidated himself in the team. At a recent press conference, he was considered by coach Dorival Jr. a “captain without an armband”. This Wednesday, he started as a defender, he did well, but he had to be adapted as a midfielder during the game and he did the trick.

– The first year was not easy, we lost three finals, one on penalties. It’s never easy to be a champion. I wanted to thank everyone who works, from the humblest in Flamengo, nobody gets anywhere alone. Since I arrived in Brazil, I felt the affection of people even before signing. It is a very special day, God was very wonderful with me, I had the opportunity to live many things, but not with the maturity I have today. To know that it’s not the players, it’s everyone. Many times frustration comes with defeats, it’s the sport. So I’m very happy,” he said.

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Gone are the days off and the euphoria of the Copa do Brasil title. It will be time for David and the rest of the Flamengo squad to focus on the Libertadores decision, against Athletico-PR, on October 29. In Guayaquil, the defender will have one more chance to seek a comeback for Rubro-Negro.

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