Dorival details a conversation with his sister and says he ‘listened to the heart’ when accepting Fla

Dorival Júnior, Flamengo’s coach, said he “listened to his heart” when he accepted the invitation to coach the Rio de Janeiro team for the 3rd time in his career.

In a press conference given after the Copa do Brasil title over Corinthians, won last night inside the Maracanã, the coach also revealed that he had a conversation with his sister in which he was sure he would return to the club.

“Coincidentally, today my sister sent me a message: two and a half years ago, she was at my house and I told her that I would return to Flamengo one day — and that I would return to conquer something. “, began Dorival.

“I didn’t know when it would happen, nor what it would be this year. Suddenly, the opportunity appeared. I was in a quiet situation in Ceará, working with confidence and people believed in what we were doing. When the opportunity arose, I didn’t think twice. : for the first time in my career, I listened to my heart,” he continued.

Afterwards, the coach stated that, despite the “complicated” situation in his first days at Fla, he managed, alongside his commission, “to propose solutions and strengthen the team’s environment”.

“We were supported by the entire board. Under that command, we started to make some important changes internally and trying to propose some solutions to the group”.

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Game against Corinthians
It was not a game within what we present in competitions. We will have an atypical and totally different game, where in 90 minutes we will have the solution of a competition like today. We scored the 1st goal, we had the opportunity for a 2nd, but we didn’t take advantage of it and the game in the 2nd stage changed completely

players in sacrifice
Vidal played in the sacrifice, he has a big swelling on his ankle, he started to put his hand and, at the time, we imagined that was it. We didn’t have any marking strength and I thought that, with Matheuzinho’s entry, we would gain more strength. Ten minutes later, Thiago asked for a substitution. It was a complication. I was working on Pedro and I had to restore the height of our area. The only alternative was to put David, who has played behind the wheel, in this way. Corinthians broke free. We lost a player who is fundamental to us, João, then we lost Thiago. Had Vidal…

denier [massagista]First, it’s a person who has everyone’s respect here. He has his name fully attached to our club. He knows how fundamental he was throughout Flamengo’s trajectory, since his arrival here. He is a person very dear to all, he has our respect, affection. We dedicate the title to him and also to Rodrigo Caio and Bruno Henrique, who are fundamental to the team, we follow their efforts to be wearing our shirt again.

importance of title
Flamengo took a very important step. One of the essential changes for us to turn this key of a team in doubt owed a lot to this union and strengthening that happened. We have become much more than a family in the countryside. This participation of all made us find a direction again. Congratulations to all those who make the day to day of our club, it is a tireless work. We have people with total dedication so that we arrive supplied. The vast majority of our games were of the highest level, rare were the games in which we were questioned. I am very grateful to the employees who participate in a very active committee.

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