EU sets sanctions after Iranian drone attack in Ukraine

The European Union (EU) has reached an agreement to impose sanctions against three individuals and an institution that supplies Iranian drones to Russia, devices used to bomb Ukraine.

“After three days of discussions, EU ambassadors reached an agreement on measures against entities that supply Iranian drones attacking Ukraine,” the Czech EU presidency said on Twitter.

The sanctions will be applied from this Thursday.

“EU states have decided to freeze the assets of three people and an entity responsible for supplying drones,” the Czech presidency said.

“The EU is also preparing to extend sanctions to four Iranian entities that were already on a previous sanctions list.”

Ukraine accused Russia of using four Iranian-made drones to bomb Kiev on Monday and said its air defense forces had shot down 223 Iranian drones since mid-September.

The Kremlin says it does not know whether its army uses Iranian drones in Ukraine. Tehran denies accusations that it supplies weapons to Moscow.

European Council President Charles Michel welcomed the news ahead of the start of a summit meeting in Brussels that will seek a consensus solution to the energy crisis.

“This is our clear response to the Iranian regime, which supplies Russia with drones used to kill innocent Ukrainian citizens,” Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said.

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