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In 2022, the term SAF was one of the most talked about by Bahia fans. Currently, the Deliberative Council of the club analyzes the proposal sent by the City Group to buy 90% of the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol to be formed in Tricolor. And since the subject began to be debated among fans and on social media, several fakes have emerged. Therefore, the ge presents a list of truths and lies about the SAF in the Squadron.

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Guilherme Bellintani explains Bahia’s SAF proposal — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Hiring Rafinha Alcântara?

Since the SAF became the agenda in Bahia, several names of possible reinforcements were aired. The main thing would be a bomb in Brazilian football if it were true. This is Rafinha Alcântara, who currently defends Al-Arabi SC, from Qatar, and has already defended clubs such as Barcelona, ​​from Spain, Internazionale, from Italy, and PSG, from France. The possible signing of the midfielder is fake, as well as Wesley, from Palmeiras, and Diego Rosa, from FC Vizela, from Portugal.

Rafinha Alcântara leaves PSG and signs with Al Arabi, from Qatar — Photo: Disclosure/Al Arabi

Will Bahia be the second most invested club in the City Group?

If the City Football Group proposal is approved, Bahia will be the second club in the foreign group’s investment scale. Tricolor will be behind only Manchester City, the conglomerate’s main club. The contribution is R$ 1 billion for 90% of SAF. The civil association Esporte Clube Bahia will remain in the company with a minority interest, with 10%.

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Will Tricolor be on the same financial level as Flamengo and Palmeiras?

According to the City Group’s proposal, the investment of R$ 1 billion is divided into R$ 500 million for the purchase of players, R$ 300 million for the payment of debts and R$ 200 million for infrastructure, basic categories, capital of turnover, among others, within a period of 15 years.

The annual salary sheet will be at least BRL 120 million per year if the team is in Serie A, BRL 77 million if it is in Serie B or 60% of SAF’s gross revenue, something below the reality of clubs like Flamengo and Palmeiras. , who constantly fight for titles.

In an interview with Segue o BABa, Rodrigo Capelo, a journalist specializing in football business, said that Tricolor should get closer financially to teams like Bragantino and Athletico-PR.

– It has two interesting references. One is Bragantino, with an investment of R$ 100 million in the first year, it managed to move up the division and consolidate itself. It went to the South American final. I think it’s an example of the same shelf as Bahia. Another reference is from Athletico, a club that also has lower investment than Flamengo, Palmeiras and Atlético-MG, but which has excellent results.

Will the president lose some of his powers?

When the SAF subject became routine on the tricolor agenda, there were several comments that the association would lose part of its control over Esporte Clube Bahia. This is a fact, but only in relation to football, which will be under the responsibility of the City Group, which owns 90% of the SAF. President Guilherme Bellintani will continue as manager of the association.

Will Bahia’s shield change?

Much has been speculated that the Bahia badge would undergo changes, as some clubs in the City Group have similar identities to Manchester City. In relation to Bahia, that will not happen. In addition to the shield, symbols, identity, colors and anthem of the Tricolor will not undergo changes.

In accordance with the City Group’s proposal, the brand will remain the property of the civil association. Its use in the SAF, for the practice of soccer, is conditioned to the payment of R$ 2.5 million per year in royalties.

Bahia fans at Fonte Nova — Photo: Gabrielle Gomes / ge

Programs like “Bermuda and T-shirt” continue?

The programs that were being run by Bahia will be maintained, such as the association plan “Bermuda and Tshirt” and “Dignidade dos Ídolos”, which helps former players of the club who are in difficulty.

Will Bahia build another Training Center, and will Cidade Tricolor stay at the base?

Among the speculations that arose after the SAF theme in Bahia gained strength, the construction of a new training center for professional football was widely commented; in this case, the base division of Tricolor would use the facilities of CT Evaristo de Macedo, known as Cidade Tricolor. Grupo City will invest R$ 200 million in infrastructure, base, working capital, among others, but will not build a new CT. So it’s a fake.

Will civil association debts be settled?

It is true that the civil association’s debts will be fully settled by the City Group. Instead of entering into a judicial reorganization process or a centralized execution regime, Bahia will negotiate debts directly with creditors.

+ Bahia Council approves agreement with bank and millionaire debt reduction

Will the exchange of players take away promises from the club?

Fact, but not quite

When presenting the City Group’s proposal to Bahia’s advisers, President Guilherme Bellintani stated that there will be an exchange of players between the clubs that are part of the City Group.

– Every club in this ecosystem [do Grupo City] it benefits from this, from the player’s permanence at first, so that he can play, for the athlete’s training, and, later, by the sale, for a greater value than it would be if the club had a complicated financial situation.

To the podcast Segui o BAba, journalist Rodrigo Capelo explained that this reality can be very beneficial for Bahia.

– There are residual themes in relation to this. The contract is very consensual in this regard. CFG has a club in Uruguay that has a talented base and is not competitive there. Players can come from there to here, and players can go from here to there. That’s the logic. This is not only allowed, it is encouraged.

The proposal is being analyzed by the SAF Legal and Provisional Commissions, which will issue an opinion. Afterwards, the Board of Trustees will debate the matter and also formulate an evaluation of the document. Only after all these phases, a General Meeting of Partners will be scheduled, which will decide whether or not to approve the City Group proposal.

+ Term, investment and governance: see details of the City Group proposal for the Bahia SAF

Bahia’s expectation is that the entire evaluation process, up to the voting of the partners, will end by the middle of December. The assessment is that it would be the time needed for Grupo City to take over and design the 2023 season.

If the proposal is approved, the so-called “bureaucracy for formalization” takes place, followed by the transfer of assets, phases in which the SAF receives all the association’s contracts (coaches, athletes and employees), assets, rights and obligations.

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