Grêmio bans exclusives and sets up special scheme for access game

Exclusive interviews are prohibited at Grêmio. After Pedro Geromel’s press conference, given today (19), at CT Presidente Luiz Carvalho, one more player should speak up until the game against Náutico, Sunday (23), but only collectively. The club ‘shields’ its squad to maintain full focus on games that can guarantee access to Serie A. The trip, defined by Renato Gaúcho, will be different and with a special scheme.

“In every club I’m in, I’m going to do the logistics”, guaranteed Portaluppi last week, when a travel project was released for the sequence away from home that could put Tricolor in the first division.

The special scheme provides for a stay away from Porto Alegre between the games against Náutico, in Recife, and Tombense, in Tombos. Instead of crossing Brazil to return to the South, the Grêmio delegation will be based in Rio de Janeiro. The game in Minas Gerais is scheduled for Friday (28).

Regardless of the result, if you confirm access on Sunday, the plan is to keep the logistics defined by Renato and not return to the capital of Rio Grande do Sul for any celebration. The most that can be done is eventually some more worn out player is released from the second duel.

Interviews will only take place collectively. After Geromel’s demonstration, another player must attend to the journalists before the match in Aflitos. Exclusively, no athlete is allowed to speak.

Thus, Renato understands that he keeps the group focused on the goal of putting an end to the ordeal in Serie B.

What do you need to go up?

Grêmio will know on Saturday (22) if access will be possible against Náutico. For this, it needs three teams not to win their matches. Sampaio Corrêa cannot beat Ituano, in São Paulo, Criciúma cannot beat Vasco, in Rio de Janeiro, and Sport cannot beat Londrina, in Paraná.

With this set of setbacks, it is enough for Renato Gaúcho’s men to beat Timbu to reach the goal of returning to the first division.

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