Hiding your mobile number will be easy with THIS function

THE Mozilla introduced a new feature that aims to try to eliminate the nasty phone calls and spam messages received on the cell phone. The novelty, called FireFox Relayhides user data and protects your identity.

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Basically, the function proposes to hide phone numbers to avoid receiving unwanted content on the device as much as possible. The measure can be an effective solution when the risk of personal information being leaked today is increasing and recurring.

How does the novelty work?

To prevent a number from falling on a spam call list, Relay subscribers receive a system-generated number. It allows the person to receive up to 50 minutes of calls and 75 text messages per month. There is also the option of email masking, in turn unlimited.

With this method, calls and messages can be forwarded to the user’s cell phone, and it is possible to answer or answer each one, if the person wishes, without the sender having access to the real number.

Furthermore, according to Mozilla, if the user is receiving content via call or text excessively, he can practically block all numbers or choose specific ones.

Is it possible to hire the service?

For now, the service is only available in the US and Canada, at a cost of US$ 4 per month on an annual basis, with a final value of US$ 48. Those who pay monthly must pay US$ 5.

It is important to note that the tool does not allow making calls or sending text messages. Furthermore, the customer can only have a masked phone number for the service. The function has not yet been scheduled to arrive in Brazil.

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