How to find your lost cell phone quickly with this tool

Unfortunately, losing one’s cell phone is a reality for many people, either by forgetfulness or theft. There is a mechanism that allows you to locate the device in a practical way, increasing the chances of making the rescue.

Be sure to try to retrieve the information present or at least identify the place where the object ended up, registering a report.

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Lost indoors? make a call

It’s common to forget where you were with your phone the last time, but if it’s on battery and off silent, try making a call. For this, turn to a friend or relative, through another mobile device or in person. If this is not possible, try to look carefully inside closets and in the most unusual places, as distraction often confuses your mind.

Find your Android phone

In the case of the Android system, users usually leave the device with the Google account logged in, using its geolocation services. Therefore, Google Maps and location, when active, allow you to track lost smartphones. The process is simple, just access the tool link ”Find my Phone” and check all your devices that you keep logging in to.

Find out where your iPhone is

Apple has developed a specific search engine to locate iPhones, with a page dedicated to this type of Support, as the searches change according to the differences in the equipment. Access the website via iCloud, following the steps indicated, which consists of locating the last record on the map, marking it as lost and reinforcing the data security changes.

Protect your privacy right away

Prevent your information from being stolen by allowing for scams by checking two-factor confirmation and triggering all major social media security measures. Banking apps deserve special attention, so they should be the first to receive a blocking alert, just like social networks need to have their passwords changed.

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