How to make payments using WhatsApp Pay?

It is known to all that WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application among Brazilians today. The company responsible for the messenger frequently launches new features to better serve users, providing even more convenience.

Among the features launched on the messaging platform is the WhatsApp Paynew money transfer and payment service through the messaging app.

WhatsApp Pay

O WhatsApp Pay It is a resource of paymentwhere users can select the amounts that should be received or transferred to another person.

To carry out the transaction, it is important to note that both messenger users must register information from the financial institutions that will make or receive the payment. This is because the messaging application will only be the intermediary of the financial transaction.

In this way, both prepaid cards and debit cards, either Visa or Mastercard, can be registered on the platform. However, the user must pay attention to whether the bank in question allows the use of the card on the WhatsApp platform. Financial institutions such as Nubank, Inter, Next, Bradesco and Neon already allow this integration.

What is the payment limit on WhatsApp Pay?

As a form of security, in order to prevent fraud, the messenger stipulates a daily payment limit for each user.

According to WhatsApp, the daily transfer limit between contacts is BRL 1,000 and the monthly limit has been set, so far, at BRL 5,000. However, depending on the financial institution registered on the platform, this limit may be even lower. Therefore, the user should check this question before entering his bank account in the messenger.

New WhatsApp feature allows messages to be deleted for everyone within 60 hours

As the most used instant messaging application in the country, the Whatsapp frequently releases new functions to provide the best experience for messenger users.

This time, a new tool is being tested to enable the user to erase the message for everyone after longer shipping time than currently allowed.

60h to delete messages on WhatsApp

The time allowed for the message to be deleted for everyone is currently 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. However, with the new update, this time may be increased to 60 hours.

While the feature can be a big disadvantage for those who take a long time to respond to messages in the app, it will be quite beneficial for those who have sent a message to the wrong person or regret having sent any content to their contact.

The “delete for everyone” feature was launched in the year 2017. However, when launched, the deadline for the message to be deleted from the conversation for everyone was 7 minutes. Seeing the need to increase the time, the Whatsapp launched a longer deadline, which is the current one, of almost 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The new tool does not yet have a release date, however, it is already being tested.

How to delete messages?

To delete a message, the user must hold their finger on the content sent to select it. When you stabilize it, at the top of the screen, click on the trash icon and select the option: “delete for me” or “delete for everyone”.

The news was announced through the official Twitter account of the social network. In the text, the administrators wrote that “now” people “will have a little more than two days” to delete the messages.

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