Intel demonstrates NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon” with Intel Arc board

Intel’s new modular PC was unveiled during TwitchCon

Intel presented at an event on Twitch its next modular PC, the NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon”. The new compact PC was unveiled during Intel Gaming at TwitchCon, and it supports the new generation of 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake CPUs.

A little bigger than the NUC 12 (which is the size of a shoebox), the NUC 13 Extreme, in addition to supporting Intel’s new CPUs, also supports the new Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics cards. user to integrate new RTX boards, Intel recommends using Arc boards in your new modular PC.

During TwitchCon, Intel unveiled the NUC 13 Extreme, codenamed Raptor Canyon. It has a larger chassis to support up to 3-slot GPUs, it features a single PCB connecting the GPU and the CPU board, which has been drastically redesigned with improved cooling.

NUC 13 Extreme Raptor Canyon

Intel’s new NUC 13 Extreme model will consist of:

  • 3 free slots for GPUs and a PCB that will connect the graphics card and other components with the heat dissipation system;
  • 13.9 liter capacity case – dimensions are similar to a Micro-ATX with 120mm fans for each bay;
  • Support for up to 4 SSDs with PCIe 5.0 interface and video cards with 450W TDP;
  • NUC 13 Extreme is compatible with custom 2.5 and 3-slot Arc A7 boards from companies like ASRock or GUNNIR.

During the presentation of Intel Gaming at TwitchCon, the NUC 13 Extreme featured an RTX 30 GPU and an undisclosed Raptor Lake processor.

second site VideoCardz Intel will reveal more details about its new machine in the coming weeks, such as price and release date.

13th Gen Intel Core codenamed Raptor Lake: what changes in the new CPUs?

13th Gen Intel Core codenamed Raptor Lake: what changes in the new CPUs?
More cores, level 2 cache expansion and higher frequencies are highlights


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