iPhone SE 4: Leak reveals possible look of the next entry iPhone, check it out

YouTuber Jon Prosser, known for his leaks of Apple products, has revealed what the design of the upcoming 4th generation iPhone SE might look like, the first to feature a radical change.


According to him, the new model should inherit the screen from the main iPhone line, which occupies the entire front, with space for the central notch, and should very much resemble the old iPhone X, launched in 2017 by Apple, and which had a screen. of 5.85 inches.

Check below an animation made with the iPhone SE 4 3D mock-up, created by designer Ian Zelbo for Jon Prosser’s FrontPageTech channel.

Thus, this must be the first iPhone SE not to have the home button and Touch ID, which will be replaced by Face ID. In addition, it should also keep the previous generation processor, the A15 Bionic, following Apple’s strategy with the most affordable models in the iPhone 14 line.

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The possible iPhone 4 SE in two color options
The possible iPhone 4 SE in two color options / Image: Ian Zelbo and Jon Prosser

It is worth mentioning that, despite looking official, none of the images in this post were released by Apple, they are just unofficial renderings. The person responsible is the aforementioned Ian Zalbo, who created the images and animations for Jon Prosser’s channel.

iPhone 4 SE solves some problems its predecessor, but not all

New screen will be the great differential of the iPhone 4 SE
New screen will be the big differentiator of the iPhone 4 SE / Image: Ian Zelbo and Jon Prosser

If the rumors of this leak are confirmed, the iPhone 4 SE will be practically a reissue of the iPhone X, presented in 2017, only with a better processor (A15 Bionic). Is this enough to give new gas to Apple’s entry-level smartphone?

3D mock-up of iPhone 4 SE in silver color
iPhone 4 SE 3D Mock-up in Silver / Image: Ian Zelbo and Jon Prosser

Well, that at least solves one of the biggest problems that Olhar Digital found in testing the 3rd generation iPhone SE this year, its tiny screen measuring just 4.7 inches. In our tests with the current model of the iPhone SE, we liked the performance a lot, but it was already quite out of date, as in addition to the tiny screen, it only had a single camera on the rear.

It remains to be seen what Apple will do about the iPhone SE 4 camera. Apparently, and the leak seems to confirm, the iPhone SE 4 will only have a single rear camera. Even if it is better than its predecessor, I think a solitary camera is very little for a smartphone in the middle of 2022.

Thus, it can become more complicated to face other rivals with dual and even triple cameras in the same price range. Anyway, it’s best to wait for Apple’s official release to draw your conclusions.

The images in this post were created by Ian Zelbo for Jon Prosser, and published by the Phone Arena website.

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