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Nowadays, who wouldn’t want to make money online? Even more without having to make any kind of effort or investment? At first glance, this is the purpose of micro-task applications. A popular app in the area is PixPrêmios – a platform that promises real payments for carrying out super simple activities. But after all: does the app really pay? Or is it a waste of time in 2022?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, micro-task apps have become a true phenomenon among the Brazilian public. After all, these apps offer small payments to users who do easy tasks like watching videos, reading the news, filling out questionnaires, and more. In this sense, we explain below everything you need to know about PixPremios: how it works, how to make money, your confidence level and much more; check out.

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Discover the PixPremios app

The PixPrêmios app is featured among the most accessed “apps to earn money” on the Play Store. The app is the project of a developer identified only as VITRUAPPS. The company’s official website is still under development. This developer is also responsible for another popular income generating app from the Play Store, PixRápido. Both apps are aimed at Brazilian users.

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Does PixPremios work on iPhone?

Not. So far, PixPremios is only available on the Play Store. Therefore, the application only works on mobile phones with the Android operating system, and cannot be downloaded on Apple devices with iOS. In the future, the developers of the app may release a version of PixPremios for iOS.

How to download and install PixPremios? Step by step

To start earning money with PixPremios, the first step is to download the app. For this, potential users must access the app store for mobile phones with the Android operating system. From there, just follow the steps listed below:

  • Access the Play Store;
  • Search for “Pix Awards”;
  • Check that the app that appears in the list is the correct one (with a green icon);
  • Click on “install”;
  • Wait for the installation to finish (the file is 11MB);
  • With the installation complete, click open;
  • On the app’s homepage, click on “sign in with Google”;
  • Accept the terms and conditions;
  • Choose the Google account you want to associate with the app;
  • Ready! From there, you can check out all the alternatives to earn money in the app.

How to earn money on PixPremios?

To earn money on PixPremios, users must complete the activities of the app. On the home page, you can check all available activities. In the same area, users can check their balance and redeem rewards. We list below all the tasks of the app; Look.

  • Daily Roulette: Access the app every day and spin the wheel to earn points;
  • Watch Videos: Earn points by watching videos that are updated daily;
  • Rate and Earn: In this case, you get 500 coins when you rate the app with 5 stars on the Play Store;
  • offers: Check the list of offers and earn points by fulfilling each one;
  • AdGate Media: Download apps and games to win;
  • Ayey Studios: Download apps and games to win;
  • OfferToro: Download apps and games to win;
  • Adscend Media: Download apps and games to win;
  • Wannads: Download apps and games to win.

In addition to these options, you can profit by sharing the invite link. In this case, users must go to the app’s homepage and click on “invite”. Then, just send the code to friends, family and people who haven’t registered in the app yet. Whoever invites receives a commission of 20% on the income of the guests.

How to withdraw on PixPremios? What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

PixPrêmios works with 4 payment methods: transfer via Pix, PayPal deposit, Free Fire Diamonds and Play Store credits. Each of the methods has a different minimum value. To withdraw, simply access the “Redeem” area and choose the desired alternative. See below the values ​​and conversion rates for each of them:

  • Withdraw on Pix – Minimum amount of R$ 5 – Corresponding to 8900 coins;
  • Free Fire Diamonds – Minimum value of 85 – Corresponding to 5390 coins;
  • PayPal Deposit – Minimum amount of R$ 5 – Corresponding to 8900 coins;
  • Credits on Play Store – Minimum amount of BRL 15 – Corresponding to 24900 coins.

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Is PixPrizes worth it? Really paid app?

The best way to see if a to-do app actually pays is to review user reviews on the Play Store. After all, these subscribers have nothing to gain from spreading fraudulent platforms – unlike youtubers and digital influencers, who profit from invite and referral links.

On the Play Store, PixPrêmios secured a score of 4.8 (out of 5), considered very high. In the comments, users reveal that the app actually pays! According to subscribers, PixPrêmios really delivers on its payment promises. The reports also praise the platform’s operating model and the fact that the application is easy to use.

Some subscribers complain of problems in the recording of points and payment amounts. Even so, everything indicates that the app is a good alternative for Brazilians who want to supplement their free time income, without making any effort. We show below the most relevant comments; check out.

I like the app, it’s easy to use, and it’s not cumbersome. However, I ask the developers to review some aspects of the app, as it does not count the points correctly. I ask you to fix this bug and renew the offers daily.” – Jefferson Nogueira.

It’s a very interesting app, it has daily roulette that gives you points, you have the option to watch daily videos, and the minimum value of 5 reais does not require the accumulation of a very high score – as in some applications where you need 10 thousand points or even more to withdraw R$ 5.” – Jean Soares.

Great app, you compete for a lot of prizes and you don’t need a lot of points to withdraw.” – Jose Antonio Natto.

If you want to download PixPremios and start earning money with the app, just go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.pixpremios.

Finally, Pronatec.pro.br DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. We are not affiliated with the app or developer, we recommend that you carefully research and read all information before downloading any app or registering on platforms or websites.

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