New WhatsApp setting goes unnoticed by the public

You probably haven’t noticed what WhatsApp has changed in the last few weeks either. As updates result in several new features at the same time, it is not so simple to notice all the improvements. The Meta group has been moving the development sector, seeking to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding public regarding the resources offered.

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Only for the watchful ones on duty

The app doesn’t usually change its appearance much, so only those who pay attention to the details should have noticed a change in the letters. Previously, the descriptions of the boxes were all uppercase, for example, ”CONVERSATIONS”, ”STATUS” and ”ARCHIVED”, but now, especially in the beta version, it is possible to identify the lowercase characters: ”Conversations” , ”Status” and ”Archived”, following a minimalist style when compared to the previous one.

Back to worrying about Design

As much as the design has changed little since it was launched, the identity is important to generate comfort in using the interface. Since the Meta group took over the administration of the app, they decided to keep their planning focused on features. However, it seems that the time has come to stipulate different forms, providing a sophisticated aspect to the tool.

Why didn’t most people notice?

As mentioned, monthly WhatsApp releases an idea that is being tested and with so much information, most are focused on functional features. Unlike these announcements about updating engines, there is no guidance on changing fonts, unless it’s something more radical. For now, the system android should receive the updated versions and iOS devices are still in the deployment phase.

Check your profile for any repairs, noting the format of the letters in the descriptions. Before, they were all uppercase and now only the first one is uppercase and the rest are lowercase. In case you haven’t noticed anything, in the coming weeks this style is likely to be adapted for all people with the latest operating systems.

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