Samsung launches 200MP ISOCELL HPX sensor with different modes of capturing light

THE Samsung launched this Thursday (20) a new camera sensor to smartphones with 200MP of resolution. It is about ISOCELL HPX, which comes with several new features and greater capture capacity in different light conditions. Previously, it had already launched ISOCELL HP3 sensors for slim and compact cell phones.

This time, the novelty presented by the South Korean manufacturer seems to maintain this idea, as the sensor should make the camera module about 20% smaller. Therefore, the smartphone equipped with it will not only be thinner, but will also have a set of lenses less prominent from the back.

Another feature that this new sensor has is the possibility of providing up to 4x zoom without losing quality. Even the size of each cropped photo will still have a size of 12MP. In addition, the ISOCELL HPX’s DTI technology will be able to separate each pixel individually and still create vivid, low-noise images.

It is worth mentioning that this new camera sensor can change its behavior automatically according to the light conditions. For example, in darker situations, the focus is on getting more light capture, so it switches to 12.5MP photos. In low light, in turn, it switches to making 50MP images and in ideal conditions, the 200MP promised by the brand.

When filming, the ISOCELL HPX can capture 8K at 30FPS, in addition to 4K dual HDR. Until then, the most current sensor was the ISOCELL HP3, which would be equipped with the Galaxy S23 Ultra and other smartphones. But, with this launch, it is not possible to know if it is the new sensor that will be equipped with the top of the line, after all, it has not been revealed which cell phones will have it.

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