Up to date with the tax authorities, Flu obtains CNDs and can raise funds in incentivized projects

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With labor and civil debts settled through the approval of the Centralized Execution Regime (RCE), Fluminense obtained another important victory with the issuance of two debt clearance certificates (CNDs) that allow it to participate in bids and raise funds from encouraged projects.

The two certificates refer to the Fiscal Regularity of the debts of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), issued by Caixa, and the Positive Certificate with Negative Effects related to federal taxes and the active debt of the Union, issued by the Federal Revenue and Attorney General of the National Treasury (PGFN).

With this, Fluminense is now able to participate in the Maracanã bidding process and also to raise funds for new incentivized projects, which include improvements in Xerém, restoration of orange trees and also the sustainability of Olympic Sports.

Understand better:

To settle the FGTS debt, the club signed a tax transaction agreement, through which the debt, in the total amount of approximately R$32 million, was discounted by 33% (more than R$10 million), with the balance being paid in installments. remaining in 105 installments. This debt referred to the PROFUT-FGTS installment, in which the club was excluded, due to non-payment, in April 2019, still in the previous management.

In relation to federal taxes, tax transactions with the PGFN were adhered to, taking advantage of similar discounts and debt extension within 145 months. The last CND was obtained by the club in 2017, that is, more than five years ago.

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